Ukrainian war could last 10 years, Liz Truss fears

There are concerns that the war could drag on and even spread to other countries (Photo: Getty)

The Foreign Minister is afraid that the war will end Ukraine could take up to ten years, reports suggest.

Liz Truss mentioned Russiahis invasion of his neighbor to be a catalyst for the West’s approach to international security to completely overlook.

Speak at London‘s Mansion House in a major speech on foreign policy and security, Ms. Truss Vladimir Putin marked a ‘desperate, rogue operator’ and warned of China’s rise.

They also increased fears that states like Moldova or Georgia could be dragged into the war.

Ms Truss called on the United Kingdom to strengthen its military, while building alliances with free nations and using economic power to prevent aggressors who ‘do not play by the rules’.

And she suggested that NATO should be ready to open its doors to countries such as Finland and Sweden – adding that the G7 group should act as an ‘economic NATO’ to defend collective prosperity.

The Secretary of State is understood to see the war as a long trail, expecting it to realistically take up to five years – or even as long as a decade, The Times and the Daily mail reported.

But her attention focused on China, which has refused to condemn Russia and increase its imports from Putin’s nation, Ms. Truss continued: ‘China is not opaque. They will not continue to stand up if they do not play by the rules.

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‘China needs trade with the G7. We represent about half of the world economy. And we have choices.

“We have shown with Russia what choices we are ready to make if international rules are violated.”

Ms. Truss’s intervention comes amid persistent questions about the future of Boris Johnson, ahead of tough local elections and the possibility of further fines for partygate.

The Secretary of State is seen as a pioneer in any race to replace him.

They also condemned international institutions for not guaranteeing peace and prosperity over the attack on Ukraine.

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“Russia is capable of blocking any effective action within the UN Security Council,” she said.

“Putin sees his fetus as a green light for barbarism.”

She called for the invasion to ‘be a catalyst for broader change’ and continued: ‘Now we need a new approach, one that fuses hard security and economic security, one that builds stronger global alliances and where’ t free peoples assertive and self-confident, one who recognizes geopolitics is back. ‘

In the short term, she called on Western allies to ‘double’ in support of the government in Kiev, supplying the heavy weapon needed ‘to drive Russia out of the whole of Ukraine’.

That statement can be seen as controversial, as it has previously occupied parts of Ukrainian territory and the Prime Minister has called the negotiating position of the preservation of all its territory as ‘pretty maximalist’.

At home, Ms Truss said the situation should mean an increase in defense spending with NATO at least 2% of national income a ‘floor not a ceiling’.

She also said that non-NATO members Georgia and Moldova should be given the means to maintain their sovereignty and freedom, such as fears are growing about the widening of the war.

Ms Truss added that Finland and Sweden, if they choose to join NATO, should be integrated into the alliance ‘as soon as possible’.

She urged NATO – which has traditionally focused on Europe’s defense – to adopt a ‘global perspective’ – alongside allies such as Japan and Australia to ensure that democracies such as Taiwan can defend themselves.

Ms Truss said she must be ready to stand up against ‘aggressors’ who seek to exploit their economic power as a ‘tool of foreign policy’ to exercise control and force others.

‘Access to the world economy must depend on playing by the rules. There can be no more free passes, ‘she stated.

‘We are showing this with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine – Russia’s passport has been withdrawn.

‘The G7 must function as an economic NATO, collectively defending our prosperity.

‘If a partner’s economy is being targeted by an aggressive regime, we need to take action to support it.’

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Ukrainian war could last 10 years, Liz Truss fears

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