Ukraine to recapture Russia south ‘with 1,000,000 troops’

Ukraine believes it has the manpower and army to defeat Russia in these areas (Photos: AFP)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has ordered Ukrainian troops to retake coastal territories occupied by Russia.

The country’s defense minister Oleksii Reznikov believes his military is equipped to begin recapturing land that is important to the economy.

Mr Reznikov explained how many veterans who had moved outside Ukraine came home ‘to fight for their country’ and added significantly to the nation’s staff.

“We have about 700,000 in the armed forces and if you add the national guard, police, border guard, we are about a million strong,” he said. The Times.

In addition, two Ukrainian battalions are currently being trained in England as part of Boris Johnson’s promise to train 10,000 troops every 120 days.

Mr Reznikov thinks the rest of the Western world initially underestimated Ukraine’s resolution to fight in the face of one of the most powerful armies in the world. But he went on to thank these countries for their help since.

Ukrainians are “people of the free world and with a real sense of justice and freedom,” he said.

Boris Johnson promised to train 10,000 Ukrainian recruits every 120 days (Photo: PA)
Two battalions are currently being trained at a military base near Manchester (Photo: AP)
Western powers upgrade Ukraine’s Soviet-era weapons arsenal (Photo: Getty)

Western support has helped turn the 30-year-old Soviet-era weapons arsenal from Ukraine into NATO-standard equipment in just three months.

Mr Reznikov gave a lot of credit to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Ukraine has recently withdrawn from the cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, in the separatist region of Luhansk, leaving them completely under Russian control.

But Mr Reznikov stressed that the loss of these cities was tactical to save lives.

Mr Reznikov insisted he was not worried about supporting wavering after Mr Johnson leaves officesaying that Ukraine has ‘looked into the eyes of its partners’.

He said: “We are sure the anti-Kremlin coalition was born.

‘Our partners in London and Washington DC and other capitals, they are investing in us, not only with money, but the expectations of their people that we should lose the Kremlin. We must win this war together. ‘

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Ukraine to recapture Russia south 'with 1,000,000 troops'

Source link Ukraine to recapture Russia south 'with 1,000,000 troops'

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