Ukraine-Russia War: First photos show Moscow’s warship sinking

Hundreds may have died in the sinking, it is claimed (Image: Twitter / Wikimedia Commons)

Could this be the first photo of Russia‘s flagship warship sinks after being ‘hit by Ukrainian missiles’?

The Moscow, a Black Sea Missile Cruiser, was a huge force in controlling Vladimir Putin’s naval front and striking port cities such as Odesa and Mariupol.

It hit the heads then a Ukrainian soldier famously filmed saying ‘go f *** yourself, Russian warship’ when his crew threatens to destroy Snake Island before fixing the unit.

But Russian morale was apparently shattered when it was destroyed Wednesday night, seven weeks into the war.

The Kremlin says sinking on stormy seas following a fire caused by exploding ammunition – but Ukraine says it brought the ship with two Neptune rockets.

There are reports an image of a ship in trouble shows the last moments of Moscow.

Black smoke is seen from the ship, while all lifeboats at the rear port side are seen to be deployed.

A source told Russian media VHCK-OGPU that the cruiser sank shortly after these photos were taken.

If true, the image was probably taken from a nearby ship (Image: Twitter)

The ship was a huge force in the war (Image: Wikimedia Commons Copyright)

The ship seems to share similarities with The Moscow, although it does not remain confirmed whether the image is real (Photo: Twitter)

The warship was used to defeat port cities such as Odesa and Mariupol (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This would mean that a statement by the Russian government that it sank under tow back to the port of Sevastopol is false.

The images appear to be a calm sea – which would also be in conflict with official Kremlin reports claiming there was a stormy or rough sea.

If true, the new snap was probably taken from a nearby ship. A Turkish ship allegedly rescued 54 men.

There is speculation that hundreds may have died on board amid a virtual news blackout.

But Russia released an undated video yesterday claim to see more than 100 crew members.

The new images appear to be ‘consistent with an anti-ship missile strike’, said independent open-source analysts surveyed by authoritative The Maritime Executive.

‘It looks like two holes midway at the waterline, just below the stacks on the port side,’ they said.

‘Significant fire damage is visible above deck, and the ship has a pronounced list to port.

‘Black smoke marks at multiple hull penetrations near the main level are consistent with an internal fire running behind the site of impact, according to analysts.’

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Ukraine-Russia War: First photos show Moscow's warship sinking

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