Ukraine has shown the world that it will win the struggle for freedom

The United Kingdom’s steadfast support for Ukraine will never waver, said Foreign Minister Liz Truss.

For 100 days, Putin’s barbaric uninvolved war brought death and destruction to Ukraine on a scale not seen in Europe since World War II, but he was unable to make the progress he had hoped for in the face of heroic resistance.

Tens of thousands of people have died and more than 6.6 million refugees have fled the country. While 8 million Ukrainians are internally displaced, almost 13 million are stranded in conflict zones and nearly 16 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Russia’s grain theft, destruction and blockade of its main ports have also significantly exacerbated one of the worst food crises in modern history, which now threatens many countries, endangering the world’s most vulnerable.

The Foreign Minister said that this gloomy anniversary is a day to honor the determination of the Ukrainian people, which has shown that Putin can not win as long as he receives the international support he deserves.

The Foreign Secretary said that the United Kingdom would remain steadfast in its support to ensure that Ukraine won the struggle for self-determination and that Russian forces were withdrawn.

On Friday, Secretary of State Liz Truss said:

“Today marks 100 dark days since Putin launched his unjustified illegal war against Ukraine. He expected the invasion to end in a few days, but greatly underestimated the determination of the brave Ukrainians, who bravely defended their country.

“Putin’s invasion brought death and destruction on a scale never seen before in Europe since World War II. This war has far-reaching implications for world peace, prosperity, and food security. It’s important to all of us.

“Today, to pay our respects to the thousands of innocent people killed since the invasion, to reaffirm our firm support for Ukraine’s heroic defense so that they can succeed and Putin can fail.”

Ever since Putin began mobilizing on Ukraine’s borders, Britain has played a vital role in fostering and leading an international response.

  • Sanctions. Together with our allies, we continue to impose crippled economic sanctions by cutting off funding for Putin’s military vehicle. The UK has imposed sanctions on more than 1,000 individuals և 100 organizations, including oligarchs with more than 7 117 billion in assets. We have targeted Russian trade with import duties on 1.4 billion pounds worth of goods. Russia’s economy will hit 256 billion pounds, and its GDP will fall to 15 percent this year, the deepest decline since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  • Military support. We were one of the first to provide military assistance to Ukraine, including 10,000 missiles, training more than 22,000 troops to help stop Putin’s barbaric attack.

  • Humanitarian aid. We are a leading humanitarian donor providing միլիոն 220 million in aid. We have sent more than 11 million medical supplies to Ukraine, donating 42 ambulances, saving thousands of lives.

  • International involvement. The UK has led international efforts to support Ukraine’s goals by working with allied EU and NATO allies. The United Kingdom and Ukraine’s 44 countries have launched an OSCE mission to investigate human rights violations by Russia and international humanitarian law. We are confident that Russia will be held accountable for its war crimes by providing an additional միլիոն 1 million to the ICC to assist in its investigation into war crimes and to establish an ACA Crime Advisory Group with the United States and the EU.

  • Exposing Putin’s lies. We are confronting the snowstorm of the Kremlin’s false misinformation by telling the truth about Putin’s aggressive war. We will work with our allies on urgent need to protect other non-NATO European countries that could be the target of Kremlin sabotage and aggression.

Ukraine has shown the world that it will win the struggle for freedom

SourceUkraine has shown the world that it will win the struggle for freedom

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