Ukraine has a bank for Uncle Joe

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Good morning. Welcome to Europe Express, a daily guide to important things both inside and outside the EU. Today we stop in Kiev. There, authorities are preparing to accept the US Secretary of State. Antony Blinken..

The stakes are high as the Ukrainian president expects more military aid Diplomatic involvement From the United States to try to resolve a Russian-led dispute in eastern Ukraine, given the lack of progress by European intermediaries Germany and France.Talk to the Financial Times Editor Roula Khalaf Blinken warned yesterday that “if Russia continues to act recklessly and aggressively, we will definitely respond again.”

We will also provide the latest downloads on Industrial Strategy 2.0 from Brussels and strive to ensure “open strategic autonomy”. Rare material, Including rare earths.

And we explore the influence of BulgariaIt failed to form a government because of its economic recovery and its ability to use EU funds.

Star-Spangled Banner

when Blinken Arriving in Ukraine today, he writes that he will be the first senior member of the Biden administration to visit Kiev. Oleachik in Rome, Ukrainian correspondent for FT.

The main purpose of the two-day trip is to show support for the pro-Western government, which was upset by Moscow’s gathering of more than 100,000 troops. Ukrainian eastern border The same is true for Crimea under Russian occupation.

Ukrainian side visit U.S. policy shift Negative treatment received from former President Donald Trump, who showed little interest in mediation between Russia and Ukraine and tried to combine U.S. military assistance to extract Joe Biden’s political “dirt.” Compared to.

“Ukrainian security remains the most important issue on the US and Ukrainian agenda,” said President Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser. “The current situation is not enough to protect Ukraine from future aggression. Ukraine wants to propose actual actions, not just words, to change it.”

Both Blinken and Zelensky’s talks are expected to address the expanded role Washington may play. Breaking the deadlock with Russia Over the stagnation of the 2015 Minsk Peace Accord, which envisions the reunification of the withdrawn Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

so Interview with FT Last week, Zelensky called on the United States and Britain to play a more active role in joining France and Germany in talks with Russia or putting pressure on Moscow through another track.

Blinken signaled Growing interest In Washington on the plight of Ukraine.

Talk to CBS 60 minutes program “Since 2014, when Russia actually invaded, more troops have gathered on the border with Ukraine than ever before,” Blinken said this weekend.

But U.S. officials also came to Zelensky’s administration Speed ​​up reforms Crack down on widespread corruption, starting with the imminent problem of overhaul A judicial system that is easy to transplant.

so Last week’s press conferenceNed Price, a spokesman for the State Department, said the United States has threatened recent Ukrainian government decisions and is “deeply concerned.” Corporate governance Reform by dismissing the board of auditors and top manager of state-owned gas company Naftogaz after a big loss in 2020.

Diamonds and propellers

The EU faces the threat of pressure on the supply of dozens of important industrial imports, such as diamonds and marine outboard motors, according to the industrial strategy announced by Brussels today, FTEU diplomatic correspondents write. Michael peel..

The 34 products, including metals, chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients, are central to the debate about how blocks manage. Risk of shortage Of important products and materials.

Covid-19’s pandemic blow to the international supply chain has heightened EU fears of being overly dependent on potentially hostile forces, especially China.

The latest European Commission strategy extends the work done by senior officials, including internal market commissioner Thierry Breton, on possible vulnerabilities to the supply of components needed to manufacture rechargeable batteries and vaccines. ..

Committee analysis 5,200 Imported goods According to the draft industrial strategy seen by Europe Express, 34 concludes that it has created certain vulnerabilities because “it is unlikely that there will be further diversification and substitution for EU production.” For high-risk groups PharmaceuticalsBeryllium used in Aerospace components With cellulose acetate used for coating Photo film, Said those who were briefed about the work.

The committee also said, “Sensitive ecosystem— Including health and green industries — the EU is heavily dependent on imports. Of these materials China accounted for 52 percent The ratio of supply value is 11% in Vietnam and 5% in Brazil.

The strategy found in last year’s Commission report that a shortage of import factors used in the manufacture of batteries and renewable energy equipment could threaten Block’s goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050. It is the one that follows.

The EU also wants to quickly reverse the decline in its share of the global market over the last two decades. semiconductor Essential for many digital products.

While import concerns have prompted the EU to call for “reshore” production, experts warned that this could pose a new set of problems in some cases. For example, building Europe’s capacity to pollute energy-intensive industries such as chemical manufacturing and metal mining and processing risked conflict with EU environmental regulations.

Alternatives to recycling include diversifying import sources, expanding recycling, and developing alternative materials.

Chart du jour: Valuable resources

The Commission plans to develop a plan for “open strategic autonomy” today, so it is worth revisiting. Last year’s FT analysis It outlined the surge in demand for rare earths.

Bulgarian predicament

The expulsion of one of the longest-serving leaders in political dramas and blocks could delay the development of EU funding in Bulgaria, our Southeastern European correspondent writes, Valerie Hopkins..

Bulgarian political affairs fell into uncertainty in the late March elections after long-standing Prime Minister Boykovolisov’s support for established political parties, including Gerb, diminished. Unprecedented surge in populist movement The leader refused to form a government.

Angela Merkel, left, Boyko Borissov, right

Change of guards: Both Angela Merkel on the left and Boyko Borissov on the right are away from politics © Reuters

President Rumen Radev Opposition Socialist Party (BSP) Stab wounds formed by today’s government. However, the Socialist Party has its roots in the Communist Party, which led the country during the Cold War, and remains unpopular with other opposition.

“Everyone is against everyone,” BSP leader Cornelia Ninova said Saturday.So the caretaker government is probably New election It can be held in July.

Deadlock can occur Serious delay To approve and implement the EU spending plan in Bulgaria.

Parliament has ratified the “national resources” decision that parliament must approve before funds are paid.

But the short-lived parliament is the Borisov government Expenditure plan Brussels may determine that the caretaker’s cabinet has no influence in advancing the proposal.

Mr. Borisov, who has been in power for the past 12 years, has announced that he will submit a recovery spending plan as Congress shuts down next week.The problem is that the final version can take some time, given the new polls and the fact that Congress can take time to revise spending plans. Until autumn, Far overdue.

But delays are not the biggest problem, Ognyan Georgiev, who wrote about the EU fund (and its irregularities in use) for the Sophia-based weekly capital, argued.Borisov is plagued by scandals, Bulgaria Increased surveillance for alleged abuse of EU funds..

“Delays are, of course, unpleasant, but not a disaster,” Georgiev said. “If there is a new government, it will be catastrophic …. Claiming that it is completely transparent and willing to end corruption, it describes the contents of Bulgaria’s largest national investment program in the next decade. I didn’t try to change it. “

Two things to watch today

  1. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev

  2. European Commission submits legislation on foreign subsidies and “open strategic autonomy”

Notable, quoteable

  • Top US diplomat Antony Blinken has rejected the Cold War allegations with China.In him Interview with FT Editor-in-Chief Roula Khalaf Blinken said he resisted “labeling most relationships” in the case of the Global Boardroom.

  • Madrid elections Gave a blow He finished his career with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias at the party of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

  • CDU candidate for Armin Laschet, German Chancellor’s Office Told Handelsblatt Why is he better at energy policy than Annalena Baerbock of Greens?

  • More than 200 Belgian government websites, including the Belgian Covid-19 portal, reportedly Cyber ​​attack..Some politicians and observers OK The case was consistent with a parliamentary hearing plan on the concentration camps of Uighur Muslims in the western part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China.

  • “He made Belgium bigger and France smaller. That’s not a good idea.” TF1 says why farmers Moved the border Between France and Belgium — 2 meters.

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Ukraine has a bank for Uncle Joe

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