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UKMOD Hosts International AI Defense Partnership Forum

NS England Ministry of Defense hosted the 4th AI Partnership for defense (AI PfD) Dialogue, becoming the first country abroad We Organize a forum to bring together like-minded defense partners to discuss their hiring policies, approaches, challenges and solutions. AI-Valid features.

The partnership, which expanded from 13 to 16 in May, We Department of Defense (Pentagon)Joint AI Center (JAIC) In 2020, we will jointly share global best practices.The importance of recurring forums has been emphasized by recent events We National security committee AI It was reported to Congress earlier this year.Similarly AI Highlighted in England‘NS Integrated review Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced at least £ 6.6 billion for research and development (Research and Development) Allows more research AI And related fields.

General Patrick Sanders, England The strategic command said:

Gather and discuss 16 like-minded countries AIThis partnership opens an important international dialogue that benefits our collective defense and promotes a common vision for responsible use. AI..

NS England The delegation includes the Defense Science and Technology Research Institute (Dstl), New defense AI Center and defense AI And autonomous unit England Participation coordinated by the British Defense Staff in Washington, DC.Two-day event focused on AI We reviewed the role of organizational strategies, policies, standards, regulations, and risk management frameworks in both governance and the provision of assurance and the realization of innovation.

Steve Mares, Dstl‘NS AI The center said:

NS AI Partnership is a very important initiative, all of us are clear and AI, And to support each other as we tackle global defense and security challenges.

The event continues DstlVirtual AI Fest 4,’I ran reliable AI‘Themes include over 110 talks in two days and 50 spotlight talks on demand.

UKMOD Hosts International AI Defense Partnership Forum

SourceUKMOD Hosts International AI Defense Partnership Forum

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