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UKEF Provides միլիոն 100 Million to Blythe Renewables Sources to Open New Factory and Export

  • JDR: Cables announces plans to build newest submarine cable plant in September 2021
  • UK Export Finance has backed a 100 100 million loan to finance construction, supporting 170 high-quality local jobs in the Northeast.
  • The new site will be added JDR:to open international offshore wind deals as it supports global zero goals

JDR: Cable systems (JDR:)Global Underwater Cable Supplier TFK Group:received 100 100 million working capital loan from Société Générale, HSBC UK and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK:), supported by UK Export Finance (UKEF:) start its construction Production of new modern underwater cables In Cambodia, near Blitt, Northumberland, to secure more national and international treaties.

JDR: Cable Systems is a leading provider of offshore cable technology ծառայությունների offshore services connecting the global offshore energy industry. Global energy companies depend on high-efficiency flexible cables to provide clean energy from offshore wind farms. Offshore wind farms play a vital role in helping countries meet their zero-sum commitments. 2571 offshore wind farms և projects in more than 50 countries JDR:The export potential is significant. It follows that the company is receiving funding from the government 160 160 million Offshore Wind Investment Support Scheme announced in September 2021.

Secretary of State for International Trade Ann-Marie Trevelyan said.

There has never been a greater need to strengthen energy security in the UK and around the world as we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and face instability in global energy markets. Our support for British companies that enable the transition, such as: JDR:, is vital to a cleaner and more secure future. This will grow our economy by creating jobs and opening up potential trade opportunities.

Support: General Society:, HSBC UK: և: BGK: supports UKEF:will allow JDR: Build a plant to support the company’s production of submarine cables used to transport energy from offshore renewable sources. That’s the first step JDR:A long-term plan to expand to better support the global renewable energy market, to help the UK and other countries achieve purely zero-ambitious goals. Planning approval given JDR: և When the planning conditions are met, the construction of the new facility will begin this fall, and the facility will open in 2024.

UKEF: provided support JDR: Cables Export Development Guarantee (EDG:) which helps UK exporters access high-quality working capital loans through programs that boost international trade. Since launching in 2019, the government has provided more than միլի 10 billion in loans in a number of areas EDG:.

Following this announcement, the Department of International Trade will host the Green Trade & Investment Expo in the Northeast this fall. The expo will show how British companies like it JDR: Cables can support the UK’s net growth ambitions, pushing it from scratch.

We are committed to helping the UK’s other countries make significant progress on the green transition. Thanks UKEF:With the support of “Armenpress”, we look forward to opening the doors of our newest facility in Blit in 2024 to play an even greater role in supporting the offshore wind sector around the world with high quality, specialized underwater cables.

Vijay Raman, UK Development և Structural Export Finance Officer, Մ Su Ming Lim, Co-Chair of the UK’s Societe Generale Advisory և Finance Group, added:

We are happy to advise JDR: For the first phase of this new facility, which is a significant milestone for the company’s plans to support the growing offshore sector while creating jobs for local communities.

As the power generation capacity և demand for offshore wind farms գնալ grows, so should the ancillary infrastructure, such as the power transmission capacity of the cables, as they produce. JDR:. This infrastructure is crucial to the success of renewable energy projects, as well as to the success of the UK’s zero-sum strategy, the global energy transition agenda.

JDR: plays an important role in the production of renewable energy and ensuring energy security. This new UK cable equipment supports our customers Մեծ UK և international growth ambitions և helps to further strengthen the UK’s production capacity. At HSBC MT, we see our role in helping British businesses move from zero to zero by providing world-class financial solutions and expert advice. We are proud to provide funding JDR:Working closely with UK Export Finance որպես acting as a Coordinating Financing Officer.

UKEF Provides միլիոն 100 Million to Blythe Renewables Sources to Open New Factory and Export

SourceUKEF Provides միլիոն 100 Million to Blythe Renewables Sources to Open New Factory and Export

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