UK weather: Britons prepare for winds up to 70 mph as Storm Claudio hits coasts | UK | News

UK set to hit storms early on the 20th Tuesday Morning with the arrival of Storm Claudio.Wind speeds can reach 70mph in some areas English More generally coastal areas along with showers throughout England and Wales.

Later Tuesday, the storm is expected to move east, meaning much of the country could experience rainy days.

Wales and areas of southern and central England are expected to see the most rainfall, according to the Met Office.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s chief meteorologist, Neil Armstrong, said the strongest winds are expected in southern England.

“The greatest impact from Storm Claudio is expected in northern France, hence the name of the system by Meteor France.

“What that means for us in the UK is that we can expect strong winds along much of England’s south coast.

“Some isolated and particularly exposed coastal areas can experience gusts of over 70 mph, while many of the warning areas can experience gusts of 50 to 60 mph.”

Dark weather is unlikely to improve in the next few days, as low pressure systems coming in from the west are likely to bring more rain and windy days, forecasters said.

The strongest winds can occur in the Irish Sea region.

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He said: “Within the warning area, gusts of between 55 and 65 mph are expected.

“This is linked to a low pressure system moving towards the north-west of the UK, with heavy rains on Wednesday, particularly in parts of south-west Scotland, Cumbria and western Wales, but not in the UK. It will rain most of the day.

“In addition to strong winds in the exclusion zone, many parts of the UK will experience strong winds and gusts for at least some time on Wednesday.” UK weather: Britons prepare for winds up to 70 mph as Storm Claudio hits coasts | UK | News

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