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United Kingdom

UK Weather: Britons enjoy sunny weather as royal fans warn of chilly weather | UK | News

Aidan McGivan, Metrologist, Metrological Services, said: Saturday With showers in East Anglia, it will be a sunny start for many across the country. However, Mr. McGivan has encouraged her royal fans to head to London to meet her. His Majesty We are lying on a grim alert about chilly temperatures expected tonight.

“So it’s going to be a chilly start to the weekend, but a sunny start for a lot of people away from the north of Scotland.

“That’s where there are additional clouds and more showers from where the words go.

“One or two showers will continue to affect eastern England, mainly East Anglia, but less than on Friday.

“For many, today will be a dry, bright, sunny day with temperatures in the mid-teens, and possibly in the high teens in one or two places further south.

“This weekend will again be a chilly night with temperatures dropping on Saturday night.

“Of course, if you’re heading to London, there are things to keep in mind.

“But in reality, Saturday night will often look dry and the clear skies will stay south.

“A few more clouds will pull in over Scotland, Northern Ireland, north-west England and north Wales with showers, and temperatures won’t be as cold as Friday night. We’re seeing a fairly wide range of high single numbers. Single moderate to possibly low numbers in some protected areas.”

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“But the wind from the north is no longer blowing.

“It looks like it will be at a much higher level compared to Saturday.”

McGivan added that Monday will also be cloudy, with slightly warmer temperatures than Sunday.

He said: “And Monday continues the theme of getting cloudier and warmer.

“So much or more than Sunday.”

https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1670566/UK-weather-Met-Office-Aidan-McGivern-meteorologist-royal-fans-London-chilly-showers-ont UK Weather: Britons enjoy sunny weather as royal fans warn of chilly weather | UK | News

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