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UK to boost nuclear energy as part of ‘home’ boost program | Political news

The UK needs to step up its nuclear development as part of its plans to boost the country’s long-term energy security while providing thousands of jobs and cheaper bills.

The government has said it could supply up to eight reactors by 2030, accelerating rates from a decade to a year as the UK seeks to move away from oil and gas to protect itself from price volatility.

It claims to have about 25% of its expected demand from a “safe, clean and reliable energy source” of up to 24 GW by 2050, and a fleet of smaller reactors will make up the bulk of the pipeline.

Nuclear power can meet a quarter of total electricity demand by 2050, according to plan

Offshore wind, solar, and hydrogen are also part of the plan, which aims to have 95% of low-carbon by 2030.

But oil and gas are still grounded, as a new round of licensing for North Sea projects will begin this summer. Recognizing the potential of these fuels for energy security, gas production in the UK has a lower carbon footprint than abroad. , said the government.

Boris Johnson said the “bold plans” would allow Britain to “expand, accelerate, affordable, clean and safe energy produced in Britain, and for Britain, from new nuclear to offshore winds in the next decade”.

“This will reduce our dependence on energy sources that are subject to volatile international prices that we can not control, so we can enjoy greater energy self-sufficiency with cheaper bills,” he said.

But Labor has argued that the strategy, which has been delayed due to a push backed by the Treasury, is “in disarray” because it has no action against winds, no new aid to energy efficiency.

The focus will be on the development of the Hinkley Point C in Somerset, which is currently under construction;

A new body, the Great British Nuclear, is being set up to offer new sites with “substantial funding”, while the ագա 120 million “future nuclear support fund” is set to launch this month.

The government said it would work to launch a number of projects as soon as possible, including in England’s Wilfa.

Offshore wind farm
The energy of the offshore wind farm will increase dramatically

In the case of offshore winds, the strategy envisages a capacity of up to 50 GW by 2030, which, according to him, is more than enough for the energy of every house in the UK, will include 5 GW deeper than the floating sea wind. development.

For ground-based wind farms that were recent described as “eye ulcers” By one member of the government. There will be a consultation on a “partnership with a limited number of supporting communities” to build turbines for guaranteed lower energy costs.

The government will consider reforming the rules for installing solar panels on homes and commercial buildings, with the aim of increasing the current 14 GW solar capacity by five times by 2035.

The target for low-carbon hydrogen generation capacity is to be doubled to 10 GW by 2030, with the aim of providing cleaner energy for industry, as well as electricity, transport and possible heating.

There will also be a միլիոն 30 million «Heat Pump Investment Accelerator Tender for British Heat Pumps, an alternative to gas boilers.

The government said the plan was made amid rising world energy prices, attributed to the aftermath of the epidemic, as well as a return to demand after Russia invaded Ukraine.

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“Land-based wind farms are an eye-opener”

Minister of Business and Energy Kwasi Kvarteng said. “We need to protect ourselves from future price increases by accelerating our move towards cleaner, cheaper, self-produced energy.

“The simple truth is that the cheaper, cleaner energy we produce within our borders, the less we will be exposed to the rising prices of fossil fuels that define world markets that we cannot control.

“Adding cheap renewable energy, new nuclear energy, while maximizing production in the North Sea, is the best, only way to ensure our energy independence in the years to come.”

Consumer bills will be lower this decade than otherwise as a result of government measures, it said.

The government also said the strategy would provide 40,000 additional jobs.

Freaking was not part of the strategy headline announcements, however earlier this week The UK has commissioned an industry inquiry following a moratorium that has been in place since 2019.

While the treasury is understood to have blocked the offer Expand the scheme of household isolation բարձր increase energy efficiency.

Labor Party Shadow Climate Secretary Ed Miliband said: “The government’s energy restart is a mess.”

He said the plan “failed on the land wind, on the sprint we need – the cheapest, cleanest internal energy horses.”

“This relaunch will not do anything for the millions of families who are now facing an energy bill crisis,” Mr Miliband added.

“Abolition of non-land wind barrier – no more energy efficiency.”

The CBI says the strategy “sets an ambitious barrier to a more flexible, low-carbon system for the future,” but he says businesses now need help with growing bills.

UK to boost nuclear energy as part of ‘home’ boost program | Political news

Source UK to boost nuclear energy as part of ‘home’ boost program | Political news

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