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UK Three-Layer Covid Plan: What It Means And How It Works | World News

What is a three-layer system? How does it work?

It is understood that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce a new three-layer blockade system for the United Kingdom on Monday as a new attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus. Increasing cases, scientists warn that the NHS capacity will grow within a few weeks. Probably a few days in some parts of the country.

The details of the plan are based solely on last week’s media leak, including a September 30 document seen by the Guardian.

The traffic light style plan is designed to simplify the current patchwork of localized limits that apply to about a quarter of the UK.

Let’s take a look at what’s waiting for the country before we look at the details on Monday.

How is the tier of a region determined?

The tier system has been reported to be determined by infection rates, but the rate of increase can be an important factor as well as the total number of cases.

According to various reports, the lowest-restricted Tier 1 infection rate can be less than 100 per 100,000 population.

Tier 2 is then triggered when the number of cases exceeds 100 per 100,000 people.

Tier 3, the strictest level, occurs when Tier 2 measures fail to reduce transmissions, as they are subject to the most restrictions.

In the seven days to October 8, Nottingham had the highest percentage of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, with 734 per 100,000, Merseyside (572), Liverpool (528) and Newcastle upon Tyne (487). , Manchester (427) Knowsley followed. .. Locations with less than 100 cases per 100,000 during that period included the city of Bristol (97), Cambridgeshire (51) Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly (27).

What does hierarchy mean for social contact?

To Tier 1, Residents can expect a rule of six, a limit that reflects the country’s current measures that no more than six people are allowed to meet indoors or outdoors.

At this level, wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and services can have up to 15 participants, while funerals can only have 30 participants.

Organized sports are only allowed outdoors.

To Tier 2, The restrictions will be tightened. This could allow households to mix indoors in private homes, including gardens, unless a support bubble is formed based on established guidelines.

The ban on mixed households extends to hospitality, leisure and retail settings.

Also, under Tier 2, you may be advised to visit a care home only in exceptional circumstances. However, people may be allowed to take vacations outside their area, but only with those they live with or form a support bubble.

Weddings may be allowed to attend 15 people, receptions may be banned, and funerals may be restricted to 15 people.

To Tier 3, It has the strictest restrictions and does not show social contact with other households in any situation, including outdoors. There may also be restrictions on staying overnight away from home.

However, the place of worship remains open and it is currently reported that there are no plans to close schools at any level.

What does hierarchy mean for a company?

To Tier 1, All sectors permitted by law are expected to remain as long as they meet Covid-19’s secure guidance.

Face covers and / or screens for all workers in indoor hospitality and customers other than when seated are mandatory.

The curfew during business hours will continue to close leisure and entertainment venues from 10 pm to 5 am. The restaurant will continue to offer table service only.

Government advice on working from home will continue where possible.

How rarely reported Tier 2 Although it may vary from company to company, additional restrictions on social contact at this level (no mixed households) extend to hospitality and retail settings.

To Tier 3, Hospitality and leisure businesses have been reported to be closed altogether.

UK Three-Layer Covid Plan: What It Means And How It Works | World News

SourceUK Three-Layer Covid Plan: What It Means And How It Works | World News

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