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UK Homes are the Less Energy Efficient in Europe

This is certainly not something any British citizens want to hear at this time. With higher costs on the energy that they buy, UK home owners are now being told that a large part of it simply goes out into the air. Thankfully, this is a problem that can be solved rapidly, by starting energy efficiency renovations on their home, immediately. Here is a look at the situation and how they can gain money by changing windows, and installing a thermal pump.

Less than Two Percent of UK Homes have a Top Efficiency Rating

When you come in contact with that information, it really illustrates the issue that Brits are facing, in this difficult moment of crisis. Not to mention that the more you consume energy, the warmer the planet gets, creating all kinds of draughts and intense weather around the globe, as we saw this summer, in the UK. This, naturally, makes the problem of home energy efficiency even greater. It also explains why the UK is the second biggest consumer of Russian gas in Europe, when it actually needs less than other European countries. Worldwide, it stands at number ten. This is an issue that could have been easily solved before, but somehow, very little has been done.

So Many Easy Solutions to the Problem

A Glass Façade System

The truth is, it is not too late to do something about it. To make houses more energy efficient, there are many solutions, that don’t have to take too long, in order to apply them. What is important to insist upon, is that the minute these renovations will have been done, the owner will start saving money on his energy bill. With the costs as high as they are, they will recuperate the investment of the renovation costs, in no time. This starts with installing a new glass facade system. Removing one of the walls and replacing it by a series of aluminium windows or sliding doors, will change the home completely, as the light floods the room. But it is not the only advantage. These new doors and windows are equipped with thermal protection, so that the temperature inside is never affected by the one outside. Also, with so much natural light, a house doesn’t need to use as much electricity for artificial lighting. That is another immediate saving that home owners will gain, when choosing an aluminium glass wall.

A Thermal Pump

When you compare the energy efficiency of a thermal pump, to the ones using fossil fuel, you get to understand rapidly why the change is necessary. The furnace or boiler that uses natural gas, propane or heating oil, will usually have an efficiency rating between 78% to 98%. The one from a heat pump can reach up to 200% and even 300% in the best cases. How, you may ask? Because it actually uses the warm air from the outside for your daily heating needs, such as warm water.

It isn’t possible for the UK to go on like this. The war in Ukraine is a wake-up call. All home owners have to hear it and turn their home into energy efficient houses.

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