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UK Covid’s death toll reached a daily high in almost eight months, killing 263 and more than 40,000.

The new death toll from Covid in the UK today reached its highest number in almost eight months.

An additional 263 deaths were confirmed this afternoon and 40,954 new cases were identified.


This means that about 140,000 people (139,834) have died in Covid, England, since the pandemic began.

Almost 9 million (8,853,227) have been tested positive for bugs overall.

The increase in deaths today is higher than the daily figures recorded since March 3, when 315 new deaths were reported.

The infection rate is higher than yesterday, when 36,567 new cases were recorded.

However, infection remains lower than other recently recorded daily figures.

Tuesday numbers are often high due to late weekend deaths and case reporting.

It was after a leading scientist warned that it was unfair to “attack the UK” for a large number of Covid cases because the UK has a very high level of testing.

Professor Andrew Pollard, who helped create the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine, previously stated that there were many confirmed cases in the United Kingdom, with an average of over 40,000 per day for more than a week.

He said it was true that the UK case rate was high, but this was “very relevant to the amount of testing,” including at school.

Sir Andrew told the Commons Science and Technology Commission:

“So we always have to look at the data and adjust … there are a lot of transmissions at the moment, but it’s correct to say that those rates really tell us something that can be compared internationally. is not.”

“Therefore, when looking at these data, I think it’s very important not to attack the UK with a very high case rate, as it’s actually partly related to a very high test.

“I’m not trying to deny that the transmissions aren’t enough because there are so many transmissions, but the problem is the comparison.”

Jab boost

Currently, a total of 49,753,037 British people are receiving the first dose of the Coivd vaccine, and more than 45 million are receiving the second dose.

The NHS is also making progress in booster campaigns, with half of the UK’s top-up jabs being eligible for offers so far.

Professor Anthony Harnden, vice chairman of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI), said the UK has made “really good progress”, but “don’t throw everything away” to people. I urged him to get a booster jab when he was invited to do so. ..

Asked if Britain is “at the top of the virus right now,” Professor Hahnden told Sky News: At the moment the infection rate is very high, but the actual mortality rate is relatively low compared to the first and second waves. “

His comments have been issued amid growing pressure on the government to crack down on the proliferation of bugs, and some ministers have called for “Plan B” restrictions to be enforced.

Boris Johnson was warned earlier today Triggering a backup plan costs the economy Up to a spectacular £ 18 billion during the winter.

And the prime minister Take the mask home and work from home And it imposes a vaccine passport on the company at a high cost.

He was also warned by scientists that these measures may have little effect on the spread of the virus anyway.

A government spokesman said:

“Plan B ensures that you are ready in case you need to act to avoid an unsustainable increase in hospitalization that could put unsustainable pressure on the NHS. ..

“The proposed estimates do not reflect government policy. There is no planned five-month timeline.”

A man passes a sign that encourages people to get a Covid jab


A man passes a sign that encourages people to get a Covid jabCredit: Reuters
SAGE scientist warns about another “blockade Christmas”

Details to follow …

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UK Covid’s death toll reached a daily high in almost eight months, killing 263 and more than 40,000.

SourceUK Covid’s death toll reached a daily high in almost eight months, killing 263 and more than 40,000.

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