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United Kingdom

UK Betting Sites – The New Versus the Old.

With so many new betting sites becoming available to UK punters, it’s never been easier to set up an online account with a reputable bookmaker to place bets on your favourite sports. But that being said, as more betting sites appear, it can be difficult to know who to trust. After all, few will forget the 666Bet fiasco anytime soon. To draw punters in, new sites need to earn trust and offer good value at the same time.

UK Betting Sites – The New Versus the Old.

But it’s not easy for new sites like these to go up against the ‘old’ bookmakers like William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Coral, who seem to have been around for generations. This article takes a look at many of the key features and aspects of UK betting sites, and considers any differences between the new and the old.


 Where better to start than the legality of the betting site in question? Whether new or old, for a betting site to gain any credence, it needs to be registered and licensed by the appropriate authority. In the United Kingdom, betting sites should be registered with the UK Gambling Commission, and may carry licenses from other regulatory bodies at the same time.

The best way for new betting sites to gain the trust of punters is to register with the UKGC and commit to upholding the UK’s gambling laws. Old and established gambling sites have the upper hand over new and emerging sites, as they have been around for so long and have emerged as household names. They are all registered with the required bodies and have been since the passing of the Gambling Act.

In play/live betting.

 One aspect of online sports betting that new sites are looking to take advantage of is in play or live betting. While established sites seem to have all the basics covered (think about Bet365’s in-play football offering, for instance) but there’s always room in this regard for innovation and new markets.

New betting sites who bring exciting new in-play markets will be able to attract punters on the basis of their offer, which will help them make a name for themselves. In play betting is only likely to increase in popularity in the near future, so this is certainly an aspect that new betting sites can exploit to their benefit.

Live streaming.

 Live streaming on betting sites tends to go hand in hand with in-play betting. As a result of the huge TV deals that are struck between high-profile sports leagues and broadcasters, fans can seemingly tune into sports at any time of the day and night.

But betting sites that offer live streaming are at an added advantage. Although regarded as one of the most established football betting sites in the UK, Bet365 is known as an excellent site on which to live stream and bet on tennis.

New sites can compete with the older and established bookmakers by offering a range of live streaming opportunities, or even offering unique live streaming events that can’t be found on other sites in the UK.

Graphics and site interface.

 There’s no doubt that betting sites have come a long way since gambling online became popular. But on certain older sites (Boyle Sports, for example) it’s like you’re stepping back in time! The lack of attractive graphics and the unappealing interface make it a less than pleasant site to navigate, and it doesn’t lend itself to younger punters.

New sites, on the other hand, have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the latest technological advances to create sleek, user-friendly sites that encourage punters to come back for more. The easier a site is to navigate, and the more appealing the graphics, the more likely players are to return again and again.

While some of the older sites have certainly improved their sites in recent years, this is definitely an area in which newer betting sites have the edge.

The verdict – new or old betting sites?

 Frankly, it doesn’t have to be a case of old or new betting sites. There is value in signing up to established, industry-leading bookmakers that have been around for generations. But there is also merit in signing up to new betting sites who offer great value and do things a little differently.

And because punters like to have more than one online betting account, there’s no reason why you can’t try a range of new and old betting sites, until you find a platform that’s best suited to your tastes.


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