UK Admiralty orders investigation into ‘abhorrent’ allegations of ‘sexual bullying’ in submarine service | UK News

The Royal Navy chief has ordered an investigation into “abhorrent” allegations of “sexual bullying” in submarine service.

Admiral Sir Ben Key of the First Sea Road said sexual assault and harassment is not a place in the Royal Navy and anyone found guilty will be held accountable.

In response to the allegations privately on Twitter, he said: The highest standards set by the Royal Navy for themselves are totally unacceptable and do not truly reflect what service life should be.

“These allegations are abhorrent.

“Sexual assault and harassment are unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the Royal Navy.

“I have directed my senior team to thoroughly investigate these allegations.

“People found guilty are held accountable for their actions, regardless of rank or status.”

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A statement from the First Sea Lord said, according to The Daily Mail, that the submarine’s crew created a “crash deep rape list” ranking women in the order in which they should be raped in catastrophic events, and that women were c* * said to have been called out frequently. ** Typing with clipboard and pen.

Former Lieutenant Sophie Brooke, 30, told the newspaper:

She told the newspaper that she liked the job, but said, “It’s a shame that the ‘Old Boys Club’ has become such a hostile and misogynistic place.”

Brooke left the Navy after being investigated for sharing classified information about submarine movements via email, according to the email.

According to the newspaper, she resigned in January but was formally dismissed in June and given a suspended prison sentence.

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According to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), most Royal Navy personnel enjoy a challenging job, but for some, mainly women, the experience is affected by inappropriate sexual behavior. increase.

They acknowledge that more needs to be done and say they are improving the reporting mechanism for sex crimes.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Defence announced a zero-tolerance policy on sexual offenses that aligns the Royal Navy, RAF and Army under one approach. UK Admiralty orders investigation into ‘abhorrent’ allegations of ‘sexual bullying’ in submarine service | UK News

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