UFC London latest: Paddy Pimblett in action ahead of Tom Aspinall vs. Curtis Blaydes in main event

A host of British fighters will walk out in front of a raucous local crowd this evening, as UFC London takes place at the O2 Arena.

In the main event, Tom Aspinal tries to continue his remarkable heavyweight run as he faces Curtis Blayde. Wigan fighter Aspinall is 5-0 in the cfu with five stoppage wins, all of which came in the first two rounds. Aspinall, 29, competed in his first UFC main event at this year’s March edition of UFC London, submit veteran Alexander Volkov in the first round after beating the Russian. Now Aspinall takes on wrestling specialist Blaydes, whose only professional losses have come against the hardest hitters in the division, Francis Ngannou (twice) and Derrick Lewis having knocked out the American. The winner of tonight’s main event may even fight for the title next time around, or they may have to pass one more test before receiving that honor.

Elsewhere on the map, Fan favorite Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett takes on Jordan Leavitt. Liverpudlian Light Pimblett, who was the star of the show at the O2 in Marchhad harsh words for the American this week, saying: “My grandmother is dead, and she would finish it. I’ll go out and rip his head off, come take his chin home with me. Pimblett’s Comrade Scouser Molly McCann is also in action following him superb twisting elbow KO at the last edition of UFC Londonwhile Scotsman Paul Craig enters the Octagon againtoo. Follow live updates and results from UFC London below.



Rosa limps past us at ringside. The wood jumps. “He is back!” smiled the Briton.

Next up is a lightweight contest between Damir Hadzovic and Britain’s Marc Diakiese.



Nathaniel Wood won. Charles Rosa by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27).



Rosa fights almost exclusively in a southpaw stance now. Again, Wood kicks the American’s left leg under him.

Wood with a bad knee down the middle, before Rosa misses with a spinning elbow. Rosa’s mouth is very bloody.

Wood eats a left hook, but he takes it well. He trips Rosa again. The ref could genuinely rule out a TKO from those leg kicks…

Once again, Rosa falls with a kick in the leg. He urges Wood to “stand up and punch” with 20 seconds left, but Wood is too smart to be fooled. He is easily ahead on the scoreboards and he knows it.



Rosa comes out left-handed for this round. Wood immediately lands a decent right cross. He then crushes Rosa with another and taunts the American.

Rosa connects with a winged left hook, but Wood grabs it on the next exchange, initiating a Thai clinch and trying an elbow.

Wood drops Rosa with a kick to the leg then lands a clean punch at the dejected American! Rosa jumps to her feet but eats a jerk – and another. Wood again taunts Rosa. A brutal elbow from Wood is closing in now.

Wood easily trips Rosa, then kicks the American’s injured ankle. Ouch.

How much longer can Rosa go on, on that left leg?



Hard kick from Wood. He blocks a high kick. He then catches Rosa with a left hook and a cross right up top. Another straight line.

Rosa goes for a one-legged takedown, but Wood defends it well and walks away. Rosa briefly changes position to left-handed.

Wood catches it with another left hook, then drops it with a well-timed kick. For a second, it looked like Rosa’s leg might be in bad shape…but he’s back. Maybe Wood should have jumped over there…

Back on the feet, and Wood pretty much blocks a knee down the middle. And another! If any of these lands…

Left hook, Wood’s right hook! He is by far the most skilled striker. It also looks like Rosa’s foot is hurt after all by that front leg kick; he changes position back and forth but hesitates back and forth.

We get a brief break from the action after an accidental low kick from Rosa. Wood hammers another low kick to Rosa’s left leg. He then kicks the body, but is caught, and Rosa picks up the Brit before slamming him to the mat.

Rosa tries a guillotine, and for a second it looks like Wood might have passed out…but he twitches and gets to the buzzer!



“Let’s go!” Wood shouts as he runs around the ring. He touches gloves with Rosa along the way.

Rosa comes and goes. It is amplified.



A great reaction for Wood!



Next, the featherweight debut of Nathaniel Wood. The former bantamweight, the only Londoner on the card tonight, takes on Charles Rosa.

Wood was supposed to fight at the O2 Arena in March, but his opponent pulled out on short notice.



Jonathan Pearce beats. Makwan Amirkhani via TKO in the second round (4:10, punches).



Amirkhani vs. Pearce – Round 2

Amirkhani with the most first-round control; Pearce does more damage.

Pearce starts round 2 by throwing a few body kicks that pretty much go through Amirkhani’s defense. And another, and another.

Amirkhani seems to be breathing heavily, and those kicks will only make things worse for him. He is, however, able to connect with a left hook. Pearce lands a heavy right hook, however, and takes down Amirkhani with ease against the cage. Amirkhani is definitely tired, and Pearce knows it.

Pearce tries to mount, but Amirkhani frames well to keep the American at bay. Pearce takes control from the side, however, where he lands a brutal knee to the body and a punch to the head.

Pearce lands a lot of unanswered punches…the ref thinks about stopping this fight…and he does!

UFC London latest: Paddy Pimblett in action ahead of Tom Aspinall vs. Curtis Blaydes in main event

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