Uefa demands removal of Madrid judge at the heart of Super League legal disputes

Weber I’m asking you to remove Madrid Judge at the heart of a legal dispute with Europe Super League

European football governing body demands evasion of Manuel Luis de Lara, citing what is described as “significant irregularity” in a commercial proceeding directed by Manuel Luis de Lara I have submitted a petition to proceed.

Court ruling requires Uefa to declare disciplinary action against Super League rebel clubs real MadridBarcelona Juventus is invalid and does not seek payment from the other nine clubs that were part of the peace agreement signed in May.

But now Uefa wants to avoid Ruiz de Lara.

Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, is one of the main drivers of the Super League Project (PA).

(PA wire)

“In line with Spanish law, and for the fundamental benefit of justice, Uefa fully expects the judge in question to set aside immediately while waiting for a complete and proper review of this motion. “I read the statement.

Uefa also said it would make a formal appeal to the High Court, the Madrid State Court (Appellate Court), against the decision of the Commercial Court.

“Uefa will continue to take all necessary steps in strict compliance with national and EU law to protect its interests and, most importantly, the interests of its members and all football stakeholders.” The statement concluded.

The Madrid Commercial Court has blocked Uefa from suing a Super League club for violating EU competition law.

The European Court of Justice will ultimately decide whether to uphold Madrid’s decision. If so, the impact on European football will be an earthquake.

However, no decision will be issued until next year at the earliest.

UEFA is ready to defend itself in the face of new attempts to launch the Super League (PA)

(PA archive)

Uefa’s stance on the Super League, which was officially launched in April but soon collapsed, has not changed, but it has to follow Madrid’s decision.

It sees the league as a threat to the European sports model of open competition and believes that its presence will threaten Uefa’s ability to share revenue in a fair manner. It is ready to protect itself, even if new attempts are made to revive the plan.

People behind the Super League say it’s not dead, and PA news agencies understand that it’s working on open formats for the future, the closed nature of the original league He admitted that he made it very unpopular, especially among supporters.

All Super League holdout clubs are participating in this season’s Champions League.

Uefa demands removal of Madrid judge at the heart of Super League legal disputes

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