U.S. Health Officials Seek Covid-19 Hospital Safety Complaints After POLITICO Report

Mia Yves-Ruble, a disability lawyer who spoke to federal officials on Friday, also confirmed the administration’s thinking.

Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers plan to inform hospitals that patients should be allowed to wear Upon entering their N95s, said Ives-Ruble, who works at the Center for American Progress, a Liberal think tank. The CMS also wants to ensure that patients know where to file complaints if the facility asks someone to remove a mask or does not follow the instructions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Next week, the CMS plans to discuss the issue State Research AgenciesWho is handling complaints against health facilities, said two acquaintances.

The steps of the agency will follow Policy Reporting On Wednesday, which found that hospitals across the country were asking patients to replace N95s with less protective surgical masks. Hospitals requesting patients to change their N95s said they exercise quality control and follow the CDC guidelines, though the CDC does not say patients should do so.

The CDC did not immediately respond to a request for comment. CMS declined to comment.

Ives-Rublee, who forced the CDC to request high-quality masks, especially in healthcare conditions, told POLITICO that he attended a meeting on Friday during which an agency spokesman said. They do not recommend the widespread use of N95s because people misuse them.

Healthcare workers often undergo testing to ensure N95 sealing properly, but The examination shows That N95 does not require fit-testing to ensure superior protection of the surgical mask. Although it was once in short supply, the N95 is now widely available. The federal government began delivering free N95s to the public through pharmacies earlier this year.

Hospital staff and visitors often wear surgical masks – according to the CDC guidelines – but public health experts fear that such masks put people at a higher risk of catching Covid. A Recent analysis of POLITICO It was found that a record number of patients in the hospital were infected with covidium during the omicron wave. Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease expert who advises the Biden administration, had previously told POLITICO that he had “no doubt” that sub-masks had contributed to the show.

Although public health experts have been urging the Biden administration for more than a year to recommend N95s to everyone, the CDC has not done so. The agency and the White House have argued that even in hospitals, surgical masks provide adequate protection in many situations, although a CDC study has shown that the N95 provides much better protection. The agency also says the public can Wear fabric masksWhich are found now The least effective In stopping the transfer of Covid.

U.S. Health Officials Seek Covid-19 Hospital Safety Complaints After POLITICO Report

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