U.S. drone pilot leaks footage reveals accidental killing of two children and two adults in Afghanistan

U.S. drone pilot working at Afghanistan He admitted that he had accidentally killed two Afghan civilians and a child, and questioned the tactics used by his troops to complete the withdrawal.

The pilot worked in Helmand in 2019, he told the website Veterinary connection..

He and other drone operators were disappointed in their work with the Task Force Southwest, saying they felt that their drone strike had little purpose when Marines essentially gave up Helmand. I talked to the place.

“The drone strike was punitive. I’ll kill you for the killing,” said one of the operators.

“It’s nihilistic and meaningless,” said a second source, one of the drone operators.

“It was clear that we weren’t making a difference.”

Drone operators told the website Connecting Vets that the 2019 drone strike campaign in Helmand, Afghanistan, felt useless.

An MQ-9 reaper equipped with a GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bomb and an AGM-114 Hellfire missile is depicted flying over southern Afghanistan.

The killing of a young family was especially traumatic for the operator.

“My productivity today was crazy,” the drone operator wrote in his diary that the site got.

“We killed two innocent men and one charger.”

The charger is a military slang for kids.

The operator said he was trying to kill an Afghanistan on a motorcycle that was using two-way radio. This was common in Helmand after the cell phone tower was removed, as was the US military. Eyes, a reasonable reason for suspicion.

“We were trying to kill a man on a radio we found earlier in the day,” the operator wrote.

“He continued to run through the blast. I saw passers-by load trucks and carry them to the hospital. They are all dead.”

Video of multiple incidents was leaked to Connecting Vets, showing that the drone had killed a number of Afghans from the sky.

One of the drone pilots described the 2019 scene. In this scene, I found an Afghan man talking to the radio under a tree. As the man walked towards his house, a Hellfire missile attacked him.

“The old lady runs out of compounds. She comes down to her hands and knees next to this guy and you can see despair, she hits the ground and hits herself “He said.

“She knelt next to this man, hit her fist in the sky, and shook me.”

The footage leaked to Connecting Betts shows a group of Afghans just before they were killed by a drone.

Another clip showed a strike on the road where the target was erupting with a fireball

A group of people crouching in a small walled compound was killed by a drone in another scene

Barack Obama presided over a fierce drone program, killing an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians, in 542 strikes.

He was strongly criticized for expanding the non-judiciary policy inherited from Republican predecessor George W. Bush.

Donald Trump has taken the program further, removing the layer of approval and surveillance and making the use of drones much easier.

“Obama sought to signal a layer of policy constraints, regulation, and internal government oversight about his killing rules. Trump said gloves were off for” further US national security interests. ” I explicitly signaled that it was. ” ACLU report.

In May 2019, Trump ended a rule requiring reports of all deaths from drone attacks. He also removed the requirement for Afghan commanders to approve strikes, reducing it to field officers, usually at the MTF or battalion level.

Donald Trump, seen with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in July 2018, made the drone easier to use

Pompeo will be seen meeting Murabaradar in Doha in September 2020-the man seen as Afghanistan’s most likely Taliban president

Connecting Betts said there was a move to force the Taliban to negotiate the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan in Doha using a pressure campaign as part of a process designed by the National Security Council, especially HR McMaster.

“I think there were two major factors that actually propelled that change in Afghanistan,” Afghanistan counterterrorism analyst Dr. Jonathan Schroden told Connecting Vets.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Afghan security forces are not sufficiently capable of acting independently in counterinsurgency campaigns, and whether they will reach that point in the relevant timeline. Is controversial. “

The second factor is the Trump administration’s claim that the Afghan government will be involved in negotiations with the Taliban and set aside the preconditions that existed before the United States accepted the Taliban’s terms of engagement with the Taliban. It was a decision. Directly, “he said.

“That policy shift and subsequent direct involvement in the negotiations with the Taliban led to this idea that the United States needed to leverage those negotiations.

“Part of the way to do that or get the theory going was to increase military pressure on the Taliban.”

The intention was to speed up the strike to force the Taliban to Doha’s table.

One member of the drone team told the site that he was absent within 15 minutes and set out to pick up the laundry when the work settled down.

“When I came back, my buddy was like,’We killed a man,'” he said.

U.S. drone pilot leaks footage reveals accidental killing of two children and two adults in Afghanistan

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