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Tyre Brands That You Should Consider for 2021

Following a couple of years of turmoil and uncertainty in which we have learned that our lives are not as rigid as we might have thought, and that experts do actually have something to say that is worth listening to, take back control of your life as Covid-19 recedes, by investing in the following tyre brands to take you through 2021 and safely into 2022.


Bridgestone Global produces more tyres than any other company in the world. Incorporated in 1930 in Japan, the company has suffered some setbacks over the years, but has been able to fight back, stronger and more durable each time, mainly thanks to their willingness to diversify, producing whatever it was that the world needed. Today, Bridgestone and their subsidiary company, Firestone, tyres are created in over 180 plants in almost every country in the world. Bridgestone has benefitted from Japan’s huge advances in science and technology, improving their tyres and managing to stay ahead of the competition in excellence as well as in quantity.


This German born company is unusual in the top ten list of tyre manufacturers in that tyres are no longer the only product, nor even the primary product on which the company’s fortune rests. However, it did, as did the others, start out that way! Continental were the first company to put a groove, or tread pattern on their tyres, and they also innovated the removable tyre for quicker changes while touring about the country.


Dunlop tyres are a budget’s best friend, offering excellent value and precision engineering along with a comfortingly low price. The company started out in Ireland, and quickly spread all over the world, allowing other tyre manufacturers to buy the rights to produce Dunlop brand tyres in order to ensure that low prices and high quality remained achievable. For example Continental produce Dunlop tyres in Malaysia, for sale in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, and Goodyear produce the brand in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and so on.

No matter your budget, you can now afford the entire above mentioned tyre brands! Buy cheap car tyres in Basingstoke at Headley Tyres and within just a few clicks upgrade your tyres with your desired brand!


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