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Two hours after the GP told her to “call back tomorrow,” she found three mothers, 45, dead.

The cross-examination heard that the mother hung her head just two hours after saying she would call tomorrow, even though the GP was asking for help.

Claire Childs, 45, made a 13-minute phone reservation with Dr. Gwilym Evans and said she had suicidal ideation.


Claire Childs was found dead after asking for helpCredit: WNS

She revealed that she felt “stressed,” “sick,” and “thinking about suicide.”

However, despite the fact that the three mothers said they would hang their necks, the doctor was drinking Claire and could not be referred to the mental health team.

Just two hours later, she was found dead by her son’s girlfriend at her home in Caernarfon, North Wales.

Her death hearing asked how Claire had a “worse” “poor history of mental health” during the blockade.

Her daughter Kimberly said: “Mom asked the doctor to do something, but she was told to wait until the next day.

“I never imagined she would do something like this.

“She loves going out and socializing and will be sadly missed by her family and friends.”

On March 31, Claire told her son’s girlfriend, Linos Pacum, “I’m having a hard time dealing with it.”

Linos suggested that Dr. Evans call back within 10 minutes and then call his doctor for advice.

Dr. Evans said at the hearing: “I hadn’t talked to Claire until that day, but I could hear her voice tense.

“She told me she was stressed, very sick and thinking about suicide.

“She counted problems in her personal life, such as smoking cannabis every day, having financial problems, losing her father, and breaking her relationship with her partner.

“I was worried about her and talked to the mental health team and said she would call her tomorrow.

“She told me she might hang her head later that night, but I was worried that the mental health team would refuse to see her because she was drinking, so I told her as soon as possible. Said to call. “

You are not alone

Every 90 minutes in the UK, suicide kills you.

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that’s why Sun has launched a You’re Not Alone campaign.

The purpose is to help all of us save lives by sharing practical advice, raising awareness and breaking down the barriers people face when talking about mental health.

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If you, or someone you know, need help addressing a mental health problem, the following organizations can help.

Dr. Evans called Claire later that day, but soon went to an answering machine.

Doctors have heard that he is taking a mental health training course after Claire’s death.

He said: “I’ll introduce you now.

“At the time, I said Claire drank a lot, so I was worried that if she was under the influence of alcohol, they wouldn’t accept referrals.”

Katie Sutherland, Deputy Senior Coroner, is considering sending an official “Future Death Prevention Report” to the Director of Health in the wake of the tragedy.

Claire’s death came just a few weeks before the general practice was told by the NHS to return to face-to-face promises.

The coroner recorded the conclusion of the death from hanging, stating:

“She was denied the opportunity for professional mental health support because no referral was made, but she intends to get help in her mind because that is what she was told. bottom.

“There was support from my family, but despite the support around me, she was clearly worried for a long time.”

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, call the Samaritan for free at 116123.

Claire Childs (right) and daughter Kimberly


Claire Childs (right) and daughter KimberlyCredit: WNS

Two hours after the GP told her to “call back tomorrow,” she found three mothers, 45, dead.

SourceTwo hours after the GP told her to “call back tomorrow,” she found three mothers, 45, dead.

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