TV host Maya Jama “blames herself” for her childhood lover’s death, says her mother

Maya Jama He reportedly “blamed himself” for the death of his late boyfriend, Rico Gordon, who was shot dead while visiting a television moderator in Bristol 10 years ago.

Maya was 16 at the time of Rico’s death, and her mother Anna, 55, said the two were “deeply in love” with each other.

Rico died when she was 21 years old.

Anna has seen Maya gain fame since the catastrophic incident, claiming that the 27-year-old hasn’t changed.

Maya’s latest hosting gig Simon Cowell’s new talent show, Walk the Line.

Maya’s boyfriend died at the age of 16

Anna talks about the relationship between Maya and Rico Sun Sunday: “Maya and Rico were in deep love and were a beautiful couple who were always laughing and joking.

“It wasn’t until they got Rico’s phone back that I could fully understand how much they were loved. There were lots of pictures of hugging and kissing.

“There is a large church visible from the balcony of my house, and Maya told me that she was planning to get married there.”

“They were so young that they didn’t set any dates, but they visited the church and agreed that it was the perfect place for their wedding.”

Maya recently announced Walk the Line
Maya recently announced Walk the Line

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She continued. “The next time she goes to the church, it’s heartbreaking to say that it wasn’t for their wedding, but for Rico’s funeral.

“Rico was interested in becoming a PE teacher and fully supported Maya’s career.

“He would have been supporting her all the time.”

Anna added: “Maya blamed herself after what happened, and then everyone blamed herself. She tried to persuade Rico to stay in London that day.

“Rico wasn’t familiar with Bristol and there were some dangers, so Maya thought it would be better to stay in London.”

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Maya previously dated rapper Stormzy

At the time of Rico’s death, Maya joined her devastated mother on the BBC’s crime watch to help appeal for information surrounding the shooting.

At that time, Maya, who was a teenager at the time, described her deceased boyfriend as “the most wonderful person I have ever met.”

She further described him as “the one who thinks when I wake up, the one who speaks last when I go to bed.”

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TV host Maya Jama "blames herself" for her childhood lover's death, says her mother

Source link TV host Maya Jama "blames herself" for her childhood lover's death, says her mother

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