TV Christopher Stevens: Plastic Rudolph of Red Nose Reindeer for £ 995!How free

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS Review TV Last Night: Plastic Rudolph, Red Nose Reindeer for £ 995!How free

Liberty at Christmas


Do I lie to you?For Christmas


The inventor of the scented candle deserves to be dipped in boiling wax and lit. Dirty, greasy and odorous things like these smokes should be banned.

Anything with nonsense printed on the jar, such as black cherries or chocolate layer cakes, only smells of cheap melted wax. They are at risk of fire, and when they burn out, they leave behind a blackened glass beaker that cannot be recycled.

But there is one in every Gran Christmas stocking. And the cost is ridiculous. Christmas freedom (C4) I saw a luxury department store in London’s West End promoting “Damask rose-scented oudwood-scented candles” for £ 48 each.

“This is a great offer,” declared marketing director Madeleine. “We don’t want it to be something no one can buy. Everyone can have a little freedom in their home.

In 2020, during the pre-Christmas blockade, London's Liberty was considered

In 2020, during the pre-Christmas blockade, London’s Liberty was considered “not required” and forced to close the door.

To be fair to Madeleine, candles are at the end of the budget. If you can afford it, why not treat Auntie Flo in just 450 pounds of silk pajamas.

Some Liberty customers (adele and Beyonce mentioned) buy pairs every day of the week. Or, if you haven’t finished decorating, take home a luxurious furry plastic reindeer for £ 995.

“They need to stroke,” the assistant warned. “You have to take care of them.”

You may be wondering, but the plastic Liberty Rudolph is about twice the actual price. Manchester has a place where you can hire reindeer for £ 450 for 4 hours. I think this is long enough for all kids to get tired of stroking it.

Perhaps that’s why Liberty was considered “not required” and forced to close the door during the pre-Christmas blockade in 2020.

Cheeky offer at night:

“Would you like to see the building with me?” Architect’s eerie Ed (David Eurowo) asked Jane (Gugu Mbatharo) of The Girl Before (BBC1). It must be a modern version of inviting a girl to come and see your etching.

This year, staff enthusiastically attracted customers as shoppers moved away from London and crowded with people. You must admire the crazy dedication of the window dresser, who spent a small amount of time five nights in a row to complete a display made entirely of paper.

When that was over, the teddy bear was overcoming a slide surrounded by 35,000 envelopes. They all had to be glued and closed individually.

It sounds like a tall story from all the unlikely story fonts, Do I lie to you? (BBC1) — We’re back with a Christmas special full of more glorious anecdotes and turmoil than ever before.

They contained a festive taste of a cheerful old man who emerged from a snowstorm to hand walnuts to Ardal O’Hanlon before disappearing into the snow.

Atar is very much loved by Father Ted’s dim priest Dagar and DI Jack Mooney in Mystery in Paradise, and is a natural mob, as he saw earlier in Alan Davies’ talk show “As Yet Untitled.”

Do I lie to you? Is a blissful and entertaining format, but highlights the lack of actual chat shows on TV. In the previous era, Atar would have shined in conversations with Parky and Michael Aspel. There is no shortage of top-notch guests.

Host Rob Brydon couldn’t believe the luck of winning Oscar winner Jim Broadbent and dance news leader Angela Lippon.

As always, this game is worth watching just to marvel at the speed of Lee Mack’s ad lib. I suspect he can’t control them.

There is no doubt that he sometimes has problems in real life to blur the joke before he can stop himself.

Lee flashed back when Jim announced that he had walked the Pyrenees. Boom Boom!


TV Christopher Stevens: Plastic Rudolph of Red Nose Reindeer for £ 995!How free

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