Tucker Carlson targeted Taylor Lorenz following a pattern of beating female journalists | Fox News

it was International Women’s Day This week is a global effort designed to focus on women’s rights and the challenges women face.Many media outlets, and politician, Dedicated compliment We thank women for their achievements and highlight the issues that sexism continues to raise.

Above Fox newsBut Tucker Carlson took another approach. Right-wing media hosts instead marked the women’s celebration by harassing female journalists, spending time attacking New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz.

With a history of beating female journalists, Carlson dedicated a blend of false anger and media bias blame to Lorenz, who has served as a technical journalist for the past year for two nights.

However, anyone who wants to change the tone from Carlson can be disappointed. Carlson’s targeting of Lorenz followed a long pattern of his actions towards female journalists.

This week Carlson seemed to have been triggered later Lorenz tweeted On Women’s Day, people should say, “Consider helping women endure online harassment.”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that the harassment and slander campaigns I’ve had to endure for the past year have destroyed my life. No one should have to experience this,” Lorenz said at first glance. I mentioned it in a request.

However, there was no support from Carlson.

“Did you destroy her life?” Carlson said At his nightly Fox News Show. “Really? By most people’s standards, Taylor Lorenz seems to have a pretty good life. In fact, it’s one of the best lives in the country.”

He then tied the other women tightly, claiming that Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Megan Markle all lied to the victims. Carlson added that Lorenz was “much younger” and “much less talented” than other Times reporters, but she was “the pinnacle of a small, repulsive food chain of journalism,” according to Carlson. I’m in.

Carlson’s Tyrade took place the day after the International Women’s Media Foundation announced that it had launched a new resource center for journalists subject to online abuse.To 2018 survey The IWMF said 63% of female journalists were harassed online and 40% avoided reporting certain articles because of it.

Carlson’s attack on Lorenz was “a calculated cruel tactic, deployed regularly to harass intended targets and unleash the waves of Vitriol,” the Times said in a statement Wednesday.

The statement was just like throwing an egg at Carlson.

“There is a lot of real harassment out there. This is not the case.” Carlson said at his show on Wednesday.. “The people who run the New York Times believe that anyone who disagrees with them is assaulting.”

This is nothing new for conservative hosts. Last October, NBC News complained that Carlson “encouraged harassment” by journalist Brandy Zadrozny, who wrote about QAnon and a social media company banning the right wing. Michigan Governor plans to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer..

Carlson invited former Donald Trump speechwriter Darren Beatty to his show, where Beatty used the term “disinformation” as an excuse to chase Trump’s supporters and destroy their lives. “I have,” and plundered Zadrozny for her report.

Carlson did not argue with Beatty, but instead asked, “Why does NBC do this?”

Carlson also repeatedly accused then-teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca in 2017 after appearing on his show to protect her. comment About Ivanka Trump’s involvement in his father’s agenda. In that interview, Carlson repeatedly talked about Duqa and attacked her work, but was excited after Duqa called him a “partisan hack.”

Carlson ended the segment by mocking Duqa’s earlier writing about Ariana Grande’s thigh-high boots. Then he said to Duqa: You are good at it. “

After Duqa appeared on Carlson’s show She was threatened with rape With other harassment, but Carlson continues Criticize Duca At least 3 times in the next 6 months.

Carlson’s Fox News Show, Tucker Carlson Tonight Among the most watched programs Cable News has had a huge impact on conservative politics and the fawn audience, despite threats from emerging right-wing cable channels like NewsMax.

In a statement working on Lorenz’s story fox According to the news, “public figures and journalists cannot escape legitimate criticism of their coverage, claims and journalism tactics.”

But even before Carlson was driven into the Golden Time Fox News lineup, he had a nasty history of sexist comments, including time. Asked at Fox News morning show, Fox and Friends: “Are female earners a recipe for discord in the house?”

It was revealed that Carlson had in 2019 Described women as “very primitive” And “like a dog” on the radio a few years ago, suggesting that his attitude may have existed for some time.

It wasn’t just journalist women who attracted Carlson’s anger.

Carlson, who had just exposed Lorenz to further criticism on Wednesday, turned his focus on the military, Mocking Joe Biden’s announcement The military has created specific uniforms for women, designed flight suits for pregnant women, and updated hairstyle requirements.

“That’s why we have a new hairstyle and maternity flight suit,” Carlson told viewers. “Pregnant women are going to fight our war. It’s a ridicule of the US military.”

Carlson’s remark was prompted Rapid repulsion From the US military and others.

Asked about Fox News host dissatisfaction, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the military still “has a lot to do” to “be more comprehensive and respect everyone, especially women.” “.

“We swear to do better, and we do,” Kirby said.

“What we absolutely don’t do is get HR advice from talk show organizers and the Chinese military. Maybe those people feel like they have something to prove to them. There is. “

Tucker Carlson targeted Taylor Lorenz following a pattern of beating female journalists | Fox News

Source link Tucker Carlson targeted Taylor Lorenz following a pattern of beating female journalists | Fox News

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