Trump Allows Blackwater Contractor Imprisoned For Massacre of Iraqi Civilians | Iraq

President Donald Trump has pardoned four Blackwater guards sentenced to long-term imprisonment for killing 14 civilians in Baghdad in 2007. This is the massacre that caused the international turmoil over the use of private contractors in war zones.

Paul Slough, Evan Liberty, Dustin Hard, and Nicholas Slatten were part of an armored fleet that indiscriminately fired at a crowd of unarmed people in the Iraqi capital with machine guns and grenade launchers. The massacre, known as the Nisor Square massacre, was considered the worst of the conflict in Iraq.

In 2014, Slough, Liberty, and Heard were found guilty of manslaughter and 17 for manslaughter, and Slatten, the team’s first sniper to fire, was convicted of a single murder. It was. Slatten was sentenced to life imprisonment. Slough, Liberty and Hard are each 30 years old.

The first indictment was dismissed by a federal judge and caused anger in Iraq, but then Vice President Joe Biden promised to pursue a new indictment supported by the judge.

“The enormous amount of unnecessary human loss and suffering resulting from the defendant’s criminal activity on September 16, 2007 is staggering,” the US Attorney General said in a statement.

After news of the amnesty arrived on Tuesday night, Brian Heberig, a lawyer for one of the four blackwater defendants who was amnesty, said: I am overwhelmed by this wonderful news. “

The amnesty reflected Trump’s apparent willingness to give American service personnel and contractors suspicious interests in violence against civilians in the war zone. In November last year, he was convicted of a former U.S. Army unit that was tried for the murder of a suspected Afghan bomb maker and a murder that ordered three Afghan units to fire. Forgave the lieutenant.

(Lr) Dustin Hard, Evan Liberty, Paul Throw, Nicholas Slatten. Photo: AP

Proponents of former Blackwater Worldwide contractors lobbied for amnesty, claiming the man was overly punished.

Prosecutors alleged that the heavily armed “Raven 23” Blackwater convoy launched a provocative attack using snipers, machine guns, and grenade launchers. Defendant lawyers alleged that their customers had returned to fire after being ambushed by Iraqi rebels.

“None of the victims were rebels and did not threaten Raven 23’s fleet,” the US government said in a memorandum filed after the ruling. The memorandum also included quotations from relatives of the dead, including Mohammad Kinani, whose nine-year-old son Ali was murdered. “That day changed my life forever. That day completely destroyed me,” Kinani said.

The memorandum also quoted former US Army Colonel David Boslego. He said the slaughter was “a very excessive use of force” and “extremely inappropriate for entities whose job was only to provide personal protection to someone in an armored vehicle.” “.

Boslego also said that the attack “had a negative impact on our mission. [an] Adverse effects … It generally made relations with Iraqis more tense. “

An FBI agent who visited the scene the next day described this as the “Songmi village massacre in Iraq.” This is a reference to the infamous massacre of civilian villagers by the US military during the Vietnam War, and only one soldier was convicted.

After being convicted, Blackwater, who was sold in 2011 and renamed to Academia, said, “The judicial system completed an investigation into the tragedy that occurred in Nisor Square in 2007, and the misconduct committed I was relieved that it was there. It was dealt with by our court.

“The security industry has evolved dramatically since these events, and under the direction of new ownership and leadership, academia strictly adheres to compliance and ethics programs, employee training, and all US and local government laws. We have invested heavily in precautionary measures to do so. “

The 14 victims killed by Blackwater guards in the trial were Ahmed Haitem Ahmed Al Rubiai, Mahasin Mosen Kadam Al Kazari, Osama Fadir Abbas, and Ali Mohammed Hafed. Abdul Razak, Mohammed Abbas Mahmood, Kasim Mohammed Abbas Mahmood, Ali Abbas Alkarkh, Mushtaq Karim Abd Al-Razzaq, Ghaniyah Hassan Ali, Ibrahim Abid Ayash, Hamoud Sa’eed Abttan, Uday Ismail , Ali Khalil Abdul Hussein

Trump Allows Blackwater Contractor Imprisoned For Massacre of Iraqi Civilians | Iraq

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