Tristan Thompson found that Khloe Kardashian looked “angry” in Dallas while on vacation alone after a beloved child scandal.

Tristan Thompson was found to appear “angry” at an airport in Dallas when former Khloe Kardashian spent his vacation alone.

The NBA player was away from the reality star and his daughter. true, 3, on Christmas while he is wrapped in him Latest fraudulent scandal With trainer Marary Nichols who claimed to have a baby earlier this month.


Tristan Thompson was found to appear “angry” during a Christmas visit to Dallas, Texas.Credit: E!network


The NBA star seemed to spend a vacation apart from Khloe Kardashian in his latest fraudulent scandal.Credit: E!

Tristan, 30 years old Did not spend Christmas with Chloe, 37, Los Angeles, Sacramento Kings players seem to have been in Dallas during the holiday week.

A man on the scene, allegedly a professional athlete, was found at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport and looked sad as he waited for the TSA to pass through.

The sun spoke exclusively to witnesses at the airport. He claimed that the leaflet was Tristan-and after he passed the TSA, he made a “heated” call.

“He had been on the phone for a while and looked very angry,” sources claimed.

They continued. “He wasn’t yelling as everyone around him would hear, but from a distance you can see that he was speaking in an angry tone with the person he was speaking to.

“He got hot and gave them it.”

Insiders said only Tristan and one other “much shorter” were present.

according to Deuxmoi -The person who took a picture of Tristan at the airport-He was with his mother, Andrea Thompson..

In the airport photo, you can see Tristan wearing a white T-shirt, blue hat, face mask and backpack.

The person he was with was believed to be his mom, but remained covered in a black sweatshirt with a hood up and a face mask.

It is not currently clear why Tristan lived in Dallas. He doesn’t own real estate in the city and isn’t considered to have a family in the area.

However, because I was temporarily attending the University of Texas between 2010 and 2011, it has some roots in Texas, but its campus is in Austin, not Dallas.

A woman currently in court war with Tristan, MararyAlso from Texas, but lived for about 4 hours from Dallas, Houston.


Tristan has recently filed a proceeding with a personal trainer Moved near him in los Angeles -About father and child support after giving birth on December 1st.

Marary quietly filed a lawsuit in June seeking financial support for Tristan, claiming that she and the athlete had a baby on her March birthday.

At that time, Chloe and Tristan are said to still have an “exclusive” relationship.

Native Canadians initially claimed that the incident was a one-night-only event, but later admitted to meeting Marary several times.

Tristan did not deny that he was the father of the child, but demanded that the paternity test be completed.

Chloe Called “confused” He was “humiliated” by the behavior of Tristan.

The whole family snubs

The founder of Good American and her family seem to be very angry at his recent fraudulent scandal, Tristan A huge Christmas snab from the Kar-Jenner clan.

He was excluded from the family’s famous holiday photography after his relationship with Marary was reported in the news.

Kim and Chloe shared Christmas photos on their Instagram on Friday in honor of Christmas Eve. All children were included, but baby dad was not included..

Chloe confirmed from all family photos that she would leave Tristan, where she shares True, after making her feel “embarrassed” because of his recent unfaithfulness.

One source recently told The Sun:

“Chloe suspected that Tristan might have stepped into her during Covid, but did not know that he had invited another woman to his home until a legal document was released.

“She considers her whereabouts to be an extension of herself and is regretted now that she learned that the mother of her newborn baby spent there.”


Tristan was found at Dallas International Airport with his mom, a woman believed to be AndreaCredit: Getty


Marary Nichols claimed to have a relationship with Tristan and claimed to have given birth to his baby this monthCredits: Maralee Nichols / Instagram


Chloe snubbed Tristan with her daughter True on this Christmas cardCredits: Instagram / khloekardashian


Reality stars have posted sexy photos in the last few weeks-although she admits she’s “suffering” during Tristan’s latest fraudulent scandal.Credit: Instagram
Tristan Thompson’s “Baby Mom” ​​Marary Nichols shares a new photo of her son as Khloe Kardashian spends Christmas without him

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Tristan Thompson found that Khloe Kardashian looked “angry” in Dallas while on vacation alone after a beloved child scandal.

Source link Tristan Thompson found that Khloe Kardashian looked “angry” in Dallas while on vacation alone after a beloved child scandal.

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