Tristan Thompson claims that the baby’s mother, Marary Nichols, has herpes in court documents, where he “allows to hook up for sex.”

The court battle between Tristan Thompson and Marary Nichols went even further after accusing Baby Mama of having herpes.

Basketball stars claim it NicholsA new court document shows that the “medical reason” for designating induced delivery earlier this month was due to a sexually transmitted disease.


Tristan Thompson, seen with his daughter True, is trapped in a fierce father’s court battle with Marary Nichols.Credits: Instagram @ realtristan13
Nichols rebelled for inducing labor for other medical reasons


Nichols rebelled for inducing labor for other medical reasonsCredits: Maralee Nichols / Instagram

Personal trainer I gave birth to my son on December 1st.

“Since publishing our private files to the media, I’ve been contacted by sources confirming that I need to check for petitioners. [Maralee] I was diagnosed with herpes. ” Ace Showbiz saw, State.

“Therefore, it makes sense that the petitioner had to have a specified delivery date,” read the shared document. Daily mail.

The document further claims that the Sacramento Kings star was not the only athlete involved in Nichols.

“The petitioner told me she was involved with other athletes and understood the limits of our relationship, which means they might meet each other sporadically just for consensual casual sex. about it.”

Nichols rebelled against Thompson’s accusation and said it was up to dateAsti Round of Court Struggle..

“I had a placental abnormality and was induced on November 29, 2021,” she argued. “There is no other medical reason I needed to be triggered.”

“I wouldn’t have been involved with Tristan if I thought he had a relationship,” she said, adding that Thompson thought he was “single and communal.”Parenting“Refer to Relationship with Chloe Kardashian..

“Tristan told me He had no sexual relationship with anyone elseIt wasn’t casual sex and there was no arrangement, “she added.

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“Tristan and I contacted each day and talked on the phone. We met several times a month,” she added. “He invited me to meet him for Christmas, New Year, and his birthday.”

Instead she gave E!news A photo of my son near the Christmas tree.

“I gave birth on December 1, 2021,” she added. “Instead of focusing on the negative, I accept being a mother and choose to do everything I can for my son.”

“I don’t want any more media attention or a romantic relationship with Tristan. My goal is to raise my son in a safe, healthy, loving and private environment.”

In the document, Thompson cast doubt that the baby belonged to him and wanted to perform a DNA test as soon as possible.

He then accused Nichols of deliberately moving from Texas to California. To get more money from him after her pregnancy..

The document details how he talks to Nichols using his Snapchat account with the username “blkjesus00”, but claimed that he was only talking about “when” and “where” to meet.

“We met each other sporadically between December 2020 and March 13, 2021.” Thompson insisted.

“As I said, our relationship was based on gender. We didn’t always have a date in the traditional sense. Eating at a restaurant, going to a movie, There were no signs of traveling or other normalized relationships. “

“There was only snapchat about” where “and” what time “to connect and which hotel to use. “

“There are no paparazzi or other media photographs depicting suspicions of a relationship between us,” he said of his relationship with Nichols.

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Nichols said Thompson thought he was “single and co-parenting” with reference to his relationship with Khloe Kardashian.Credit: E!
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Tristan Thompson claims that the baby’s mother, Marary Nichols, has herpes in court documents, where he “allows to hook up for sex.”

Source link Tristan Thompson claims that the baby’s mother, Marary Nichols, has herpes in court documents, where he “allows to hook up for sex.”

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