Trends in iGaming You Should Know About

There are many trends that are impacting the world of iGaming. Video games form a large part of that industry. Standing in 2022 we see that Xbox Series X, as well as PS5, has been launched. The gaming scene is set for some major changes in the upcoming years. Here are some significant trends that are arising:

  • Increase in Legalised Betting

A regulated sport betting is one of the domains that is gaining fast acceptance across many countries. For instance, US states are allowing sportsbooks licenses to operate in more and more regions. Their costs of operation are lower and legislators can see how taxable revenue is coming in from the online domains. Indeed, the online casinos have caught on in the licensed scenario much more, providing larger sources of revenue to the US states over the last few years. Now is the time that the sports wagering segments are coming up.

Statistics show that more than half of US states alone are indulging in legalised betting. There had been a ban imposed on sports betting before by the US federal government. Hence, about $150 billion was being spent by Americans illegally. With most states now advocating for the legalisation of sports betting and online casinos, many states can now regulate their own sports betting services.

  • Diversity in Gamers

The existing trend has been that most gamers are men, boys or young adults. However, the trend is changing to include women gamers more and more. Today about 65% of US gamers are female. Many games such as Animal Crossing, appeal to women gamers more. As a result, more and more women are coming into the world of eSports gaming. They are playing on consoles as well as on PCs. The latest instalment of this game has been a great hit among girls and women. Indeed, the gamers’ ratio is fast approaching a 50:50 proportion.

The unequal ratio could also be due to the fact that only 30% of the people who work in the gaming industry are women. Many criticisms are now coming in about the dominance of white males among gaming protagonists. Hence, more minority communities, including women, are being offered jobs in the industry.

  • Cloud Gaming Services

This trend is also on the rise. Over five years growth in cloud gaming has been about 105%. There are several advantages that cloud gaming offers. Cloud game portals allow several conveniences such as one getting to buy and use a game online. There is no need to download and save such games on one’s hard drive. One can shop from thousands of game titles. It is possible to own a game instantly and even have one’s own gaming account. This allows one to save their games in a cloud account and access the same from anywhere. Not only are online games available through cloud services but console games are available as well.

Consumers aren’t the only ones that like cloud gaming. Sony has also introduced cloud services that help generate additional revenue as well as give additional conveniences to PS users. Publishers can monetise old, classic game titles as well by putting them up in clouds.

  • Variety Of Slots

In the world of iGaming casino games have a strong foothold. Despite low chances of pure profit, best UK casino sites continue in their path of popularity, especially with the variety of slots and bonuses. Every slot manufacturer, especially companies such as Play’n GO, NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and others have upped the game when it comes to combining popular themes, audiovisual effects in slot games. There are different themes that one can explore in slots. Furthermore, modern-day slots include an endless combination of play lines. Theoretically, they increase the chances of wins, especially if one spins a game more. There are also innovative gameplay features, bonus elements that are incorporated in these games. Hence, one can simply spin the games and watch for different outcomes for hours.

New releases in slot games also come with attractive bonus schemes such as price drops and wins, tournaments and free spins. Hence, slot players are encouraged to try their hands at new games that are released every other day at casinos. Indeed, players are also provided rebates, cash backs and match up bonuses when they make deposits during different days of a week.

  • Live Casino Games on the Rise

Another trend that is picking up in iGaming is participation in live dealer games. Table games have always been known as the classic games that gamblers like to indulge in. Of course, they have always preferred the live casino environment in real-life venues. With the pandemic affecting this scenario in the last two years, there has been a rise in the popularity of live dealer games in online casinos. Most online gambling domains have increased the availability of live dealer games. Many of them make such gaming sessions available 24/7. There are also attractive prizes and bonuses to avail. As a result, there are more people participating in such sessions, from the convenience of their homes.

  • Steam Faces Competition from Other PC Gaming Platforms

Today the industry of PC gaming is worth around $35 billion. Till recently, this was dominated by a single technology, Steam of Valve. About 47% of games publishers were putting their games on this platform. It has been one of the first versatile platforms that allow one to find a variety of PC games, play or review as well as browse through them. Gamers have been able to build a community here and play together, discuss their games on forums as well as build mods. However, other platforms are now on the rise, challenging the advantages that Steam offers. For instance, GOG is a new player in this segment, offering a platform for gamers to find classic or vintage video games.

Other emerging trends include next-gen gaming consoles. For instance, the focus is currently on the models that were released in 2020 such as Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X. These two console giants are still dominating the console-based video gaming segment.

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