Treasury Spring Secures £ 7m of Series A Investment Jointly Led by MMC Ventures and Anthemis Group – UK Tech Investment News

TreasurySpring Raises Series A $ 10 Million to Take advantage of Breakout Year

London, June 10, 2021: Treasury SpringLondon-based financial technology company, which operates the world’s first fixed-term fund platform, today announced the end of its latest round of funding, with over $ 10 million in new rounds jointly led by MMC Ventures and the Antimis Group. Secured investment. With the participation of existing investors, including ETFS Capital. The company has raised more than $ 15 million since its first external capital injection in November 2017.

Founded in 2016 by long-term business partners Kevin Cook, Matthew Longhurst and James Skillen, Treasury Spring’s FTF platform enables all holders of large cash balances to minimize risk and maximize profits. And provide simple digital access to a diverse menu of unique cash investments. Through a single online onboarding, clients already have more than 120 investment options to choose from each day, offering their own exposure to asset classes previously only available at major financial institutions.

In the current situation of ultra-low and negative interest rates, coupled with uncertain credit outlook, more and more institutional investors in all sectors and regions are looking for alternatives to traditional bank deposits and money market funds. Treasury Spring, which just launched its fixed-term fund platform in September 2019, has over $ 9 billion in FTF for fast-growing institutional investors, including FTSE 100 and other listed companies, IGOs, and major private equity fund managers. Has already been issued. , Venture capital, real estate and hedge fund sectors, large private companies, charities and family offices.

Co-founder and CEO Kevin Cook said:

“After a 12-month breakout that increased AUM by a factor of 10, we wanted to bring in the best possible investment partners to support our ambitious growth plans. We at Antemis Group and MMC We’ve praised both for a long time, and we’re delighted that they co-led the round, and with Sean, Ollie, and their respective teams as they move on to the next step in redefining cash investment. We are pleased to be able to cooperate, and front office finance. “

Funding rounds support the growth of your team, with a particular focus on sales and marketing. The company has already attracted Oscar Coil, which will join from HSBC as Sales Director later this month. In addition to continued investment in the platform’s core technology and operations, funding to accelerate cross-sectoral and regional expansion, as well as a number of exciting new products and marketing initiatives will be deployed.

Yann Ranchere, a partner of Anthemis Group, said:

“With an ambitious and mission-driven team, Treaury Spring is opening up the traditional money market industry to a whole new pool of participants. As investors, we have a new and more versatile diversification of platform fund products to investors. I believe it provides a way. “

Oliver Richards, a partner at MMC Ventures, added:

“For the past two years, we have worked with the Treasury Spring team to not only add value to our ability to realize our unique vision of leveling the competition for cash investment and short-term financing, but also to work with our clients. It also enhances the diversification and systematic stability of the financial markets as a whole, not just the issuers. “

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About Treasury Spring
TreasurySpring is a London-based financial technology company that is opening up trillions of dollars in the money markets through its innovative fixed-term fund (FTF) platform. Regular funds provide clients with a simple digital way to minimize risk and maximize returns on excess cash holdings, with no infrastructure required and with the world’s largest financial team at the click of a button. Allows you to invest surplus cash in the same way.
The FTF acts like a term deposit or notification account, providing specific issuers with exposures for a period of one week to one year. A single onboarding of Treasury Spring’s simple digital platform takes just a few days and provides access to an ever-growing FTF menu across three major industries: government, banking and enterprise. The focus in the banking sector is on secured exposure rather than unsecured deposits, allowing clients to typically increase yields while reducing credit exposure. All FTFs are 100% mature, so clients are not exposed to “execution risk”.

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About the Ansemis Group
Anthemis Group is a venture investment platform that fosters changes in the financial system by investing, growing and sustaining businesses that address resilience, transparency, access and equity. A deep understanding of markets and models, a passion for new technologies and values, based on three basic principles: true collaboration, the result of a virtuous circle, diversity and inclusiveness, inspire all our actions. .. By laying a fertile foundation for a diverse group of startups, investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, scholars and visionary people to converge, we can tackle the most pressing challenges of the financial system faster and more. I believe it can be solved well and for the benefit of everyone. For more information, please visit

About MMC Venture
MMC helps to fund and scale the technology companies that are transforming today’s markets. Since 2000, we have been supporting innovative technology companies since the Seed and Series A stages.

MMC is committed to a deep understanding of the underlying technologies and business models of each company in order to make better decisions and become more effective partners.

Innovative technology companies that MMC has helped include Gousto, Interactive Investor, NewVoiceMedia, Current Health, Signal AI, Bloom & Wild, and Peak.

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Treasury Spring Secures £ 7m of Series A Investment Jointly Led by MMC Ventures and Anthemis Group – UK Tech Investment News

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