Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama, 15, torn by the cruel vandalism of “playing your age” & “shortening your nails” on the new TikTok

Alabama Barker was torn apart by the cruel vandalism she said would act “much older” than the age of 15, as fans advised her to enjoy her childhood on TikTok.

Influencers soon shared videos with their father Travis Barker and his brother-in-law, including Penelope Disic.


Alabama shared the new TikTokCredit: TikTok / @ alabamabarker


She sang into the camera, showing off her costume and long nailsCredit: TikTok / @ alabamabarker

15-year-old Alabama Ticktaku Share a new post with her 1.6 million followers on Tuesday.

In the clip, a teenager posing in front of a mirror wearing a button and a small terry-woven romper with short sleeves.

She wore a blonde rock with curly hair and hung out with her friends to show off her full-gram make-up look.

Alabama spoke to Drake’s Girls Want Girls, pointing her acrylic nails at the camera.

Many fans rushed to the comments section and spewed out how “pretty” she looked, but other fans may be that the kid star is dressed and acting far beyond her age. I was worried about it.

One said, “This girl has to play her age !! She’s too flashy to get stuck like this … I hate it.”

The second agreed: “Short the nails to them … you are too gorgeous for them all.”

“She looks like she’s in her thirties,” another insisted, and the fourth begged, “Stop trying to grow up. I’m very ill.”

“Be a kid girl! You’re trying to grow too fast,” Final advised.

Influential family

Alabama was recently talked about by incorporating various families into TikToks.

Most of her clips received positive feedback, but this week Teen shared what fans thought was “awkward” and “embarrassing.”

In the TikTok video Alabama danced in front of her dad Sit in bed in low-waisted skinny jeans and an open leather jacket, showing a black bra.

Landon, dressed in pure white, walked behind Alabama, sitting in bed and dancing to join the fun.

Travis was expressionless, sitting cross-legged in the turmoil, wearing slippers at home, pulling a studded black hoodie overhead, and staring at the children dancing in deadpan.

Alabama has captioned her video. “I’m going to dance” when fans competed to comment on the celebrity kid Tik Tok.

One wrote, “Your dad is tired of everyone,” while another agreed, “He is now rethinking his entire life.”

The third comment “Travis looks like’what I did'” and the fourth post “I’m wondering how Travis moved from Blink-182’s life to TikToks.” ..

Other fans were more focused on their dance skills and joked, “Why does Landon dance that way?”

Another roast: “Why does he look so bad?”

Travis shares his two children with his ex-wife, Shanamokler.

He is currently engaged to Kourtney Kardashian (42 years old) and has three children (Mason (11 years old), Penelope (9 years old) and Rein (6 years old)) ex-Scott Disick (38 years old). ) And shared.

Big cis?

As the two begin to unite their families, Alabama and Penelope foster friendship by making videos.

Over the weekend, Alabama lip-synced his Tik Tok to the song, saying, “Dan Little Mama, you’re a very loser.”

Penelope jumped into the frame when he opened his mouth along with the lyrics, “You are such a loser.”

The text on the screen is: “When a girl treats you differently with respect to men …”

But the fans weren’t amused He accused the teenager of “corrupting” Courtney’s young daughter.


Alabama wore a cropped jacket and danced in front of her fatherCredits: Tiktok / alabamabarker


Her brother participated in the routineCredits: Tiktok / alabamabarker


Alabama has adopted Penelope for one of its recent postsCredits: TikTok / Alabama Barker
Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama, 15, was accused by fans of dancing “awkwardly” in front of her father and brother, Landon, 18.

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Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama, 15, torn by the cruel vandalism of “playing your age” & “shortening your nails” on the new TikTok

Source link Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama, 15, torn by the cruel vandalism of “playing your age” & “shortening your nails” on the new TikTok

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