Trans man who wants to fight in Ukraine is not allowed about his gender

Jahn is a 20-year-old student who wants to join the Ukrainian army during the war (Photo: AFP)

A Ukrainian trans student wants to help fight for his country, but is not allowed because he is officially registered as a woman.

Jahn, 20, is blocked from the men’s armed forces because his birth certificate says he is a woman.

Even if Jahn were to accept being abused and serve as a woman, the military would only allow women to be involved if they had previous military experience.

Trans people in Ukraine can change their sex on official documents, but they must have taken hormones for a certain period of time.

They must also submit their case to the authorities and provide a medical certificate with a doctor verifying their trans-identity. However, some doctors are not ready to do that.

Activist Inna Iriskina, who works with the LGBTQ + charity Insight, said Jahn is just one example of what she believes is a problem many trans men have.

In addition to the logistical difficulties of joining the army, trans people have also been warned to join the army and then face discrimination from their colleagues and leaders.

Trans men must have taken hormones to change their gender on official documents (Image: AFP)
Trans people are also worried that they might face discrimination in the military (Photo: AFP)
Other transgender people are afraid of being forced to fight (Photo: AFP)

Meanwhile, some trans women in the community are struggling with the opposite – being expected to fight as men.

Oleksandra, 39, is one of those people. She has been trying to flee her home in Mykolaiv since March.

But Ukrainian men are legally expected to stay and fight off Russian soldiers, and Oleksandra has been officially registered as a man.

“I’m afraid of being discriminated against when I’m called to the front,” she said.

Oleksandra eventually made her way to Odessa, thanks to an organization that provided her accommodation, where it is safer than Mykolaiv.

Inna said trans people have extra difficulties, moreover trying to survive the war like everyone else.

For example, hormones have been difficult to obtain since the Kremlin invaded in February, causing prices to ‘rise sharply’.

Inna sends people into the army hormones when she can, but she is especially worried about trans people trapped in Russian-occupied territories.

“I have no news of two people being there,” she said.

LGBTQ + rights have drastically improved since the fall of the pro-Russian government of Ukraine in 2014.

But Ukraine was still only 39 out of 49 European countries in the preservation of LGBTQ rights by 2020.

Russia has a significantly bad reputation for how it treats the LGBTQ + community, as any pro-LGBTQ + speech is completely banned.

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Trans man who wants to fight in Ukraine is not allowed about his gender

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