Training sessions get messy with “bones and bones”, “pushing, pushing, trampling”

The LIONS stars have revived to defeat Boxing by getting in trouble with each other.

Boss Warren Gatland warns world champion South Africa prepares for Saturday’s rough first test clash..


Things got pretty hot during the Hermanus training session for Lions

And when I realized I was on the other side of the rack, the side of Arun Wyn Jones was ordered to get stuck on them.

After a monster training session in Cape Town Gatland revealed, “We had a little bone in our bones, that’s not what you do in large numbers.

“It was a little giggle and it was pretty hard.

“I trampled a little … I stood on someone’s foot and trampled.

“He was slowing the ball, so the man had to step on it several times to keep his foot out of the way.

“I thought it was great. There were a few pushes and shabs. The guys weren’t retreating.

“There was nothing about the punches thrown. You just saw the guys not ready to retreat.

“It just shows what that means. Especially at the beginning of the week when there is a tough, physical session, its intensity increases as you approach the test.

“You have some people who are disappointed and they want to show their disappointment in not turning back.

“It sometimes burns with a few pushes and pushes, and a little giggle.”

Twelve years ago, Lions lost their series after the defeat of a cruel and violent second test in Pretoria, leaving them licking their wounds.

Gatland, who coached under Ian McGeechan in 2009, hasn’t forgotten that day.

So, on his fourth tour, he is ready to repay after Luke Fitzgerald was vigorously measured at Loftus Welsfeld.

Kiwi said: “You will probably push and push a little. You understand that.

“But what happened in the TMO and review in 2009 will be picked up pretty quickly.

“Schalk Burger admitted that he should have been sent out for his eye gouging incident-he lost his head and was too excited.

“You have to bring it to the edge, but you also have to maintain your control.

“There are many things that are at stake for both sides, and we need to ensure that physicality is brought about, but it is a controlled physicality.

“The last thing we want is a test match where someone decides to make a really bad decision. Bring your shoulders in, tackle too high, give out a yellow card, or leave.

“It’s online, but make sure they’re in control. The message confirms that we won’t go back.

“In 2009, a lot of guys ran in and pushed in. We treated it as a team and said we wouldn’t take any more.

“That’s probably why there was that giggle in 2009.

“And that’s part of the way they’ve dominated other teams in the world. You just have to keep coming to them.”

Warren Gatland loves to giggle a little during training


Warren Gatland loves to giggle a little during training

Gatland also called Box’s One Trick Pony, which can only carry out routes-one ugly thing.

His side was slightly beaten to South Africa’s “A” side last week, but they were not beaten as a puck.

And he said, “I don’t think so, whether they have different variations. I think they come with a more difficult approach.

“That’s one aspect I think we dented their ego, because they didn’t have control in the territory they would have wanted.

“I find it difficult for them to get away from something that is incredibly successful, so they will work harder this week to gain some advantage in the field.”

Training sessions get messy with “bones and bones”, “pushing, pushing, trampling”

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