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Tracy Giles’s “Hyperrealism” eyebrow tattoos give confidence to women with alopecia

After losing her hair due to alopecia, the three mothers who felt “deprived of their identity” and struggled to leave the house, she finally tried a new “hyperrealism” eyebrow tattoo. I told him how to feel like himself again.

Zelda Barborough, Former Retail and Event Editor London, After my father died in 2019, I first started losing my hair and I was scared when the left side of my hair came off.

She went to see a GP who prescribed iron pills, became vegan, practiced yoga to cut sugar and get her hair back, but that month she lost 80% of her body and face hair. rice field. Her eyebrows and eyelashes remained.

Sadly, when they were forced to shave their heads, Rafati (15 years old), Bella (14 years old) and Amelie (11 years old), after they went on quickly and shocked her children’s faces. , She decided to try celebrity make-up artist Tracy Giles, a “new” hyperrealism “semi-permanent make-up technique-expressing it as” life-changing. “

Previous: Zelda Barborough, a former London retailer and event editor, first began to lose hair after his father died in 2019 and was frightened when the left side of his hair fell out.She was shocked at how much difference she made by losing her eyebrows and eyelashes

After Hyperrealism Eyebrows: After shocking her children's faces when she was forced to shave, she decided to try a semi-permanent make-up-it

After frowning on hyperrealism: After shocking her children’s faces when she was forced to shave, she decided to try a semi-permanent make-up-it Is expressed as “changing life”

Zelda, who started his own business of designing reusable headlaps and facial wipes, spoke with FEMAIL and said: You have been stripped of your identity-I couldn’t see myself, I couldn’t recognize myself, and I didn’t want to meet or talk to anyone, so I left home It was really an effort to get out.

She remembered:’I developed alopecia more than two and a half years ago. A few months after my father died, the left side of my hair fell out.

“My doctor, who had a lot of blood tests, prescribed a strong iron pill and told me to come back when it got worse. During that month, 80% of my hair fell off my head and body. Fortunately, I still had eyebrows and eyelashes.

However, her children struggled to deal with her hair loss, worried that her mother had a life-threatening illness.

Zelda describes alopecia as a

Zelda describes alopecia as a “cruel illness” and children deal with her hair loss, worried that her mother has a life-threatening illness that adversely affects her mental health. Admitted that I had a hard time (seen before)

She decided to take the plunge and try

She decided to take the plunge and try “Hyperrealism” eyebrow tattoos. It has a realistic finish with very delicate brushstrokes (see below).

She continued:’Mother’s Day 2019, my husband shaved my head because I felt like a dandelion. My hair was constantly blown away and I couldn’t get rid of my daily uncontrollable hair loss.

“My husband got angry at doing it and my kids were scared-especially hair loss was associated with serious illness and chemotherapy, no matter how reassuring I was. They didn’t really believe me.

What is the eyebrows of hyperrealism?

How does it work?

Hyperrealism Brows is a new advanced permanent makeup technique that has been mastered by just a handful of artists around the world and is available at Tracie Giles London.

Hyper-realism eyebrows use cosmetic tattooing devices and needles (not microblading), and highly specialized tattoo techniques to create the most realistic and natural-looking eyebrows currently available. It will be realized.

Rather than tattooing individual strokes on the skin like a hairstroke blow, Tracie Giles London Artists overlays hairstrokes in a unique pattern to mimic the natural movement and orientation of real eyebrows. I have a faint tattoo.

This pattern increases the strength in the middle of the eyebrows and creates a super-realistic 3D effect.

What is the process?

After consultation, this process takes 2-3 hours and side effects include mild redness for several days.

Does it hurt?

Apply numbing gel before and during treatment to minimize discomfort.

how much does it cost?

The cost is £ 995 and includes consultation, first booking and first retouching booking if received within 2-12 weeks.

Patients with alopecia receive a 10% discount.

How long will it last?

It depends on the individual, but it can be up to 2 years.

Zelda recalls trying “everything” to stay positive and get her hair back, including becoming vegan, cutting sugar, and exercising more.

She admitted:’I tried to stay healthy for my child, but I felt numb inside and falling into a black hole.

“Four months later, the hair regrown and 80% of the hair was restored. But it was spotted and a few millimeters long, but I felt like Rapunzel. I thought my hair loss was an unlucky blip. “

But sadly, Zelda’s hair loss was not gradual, and a year after she first experienced hair loss, her remaining hair fell off.

She states: “Within a week after my father’s death, my hair fell off much more aggressively, and within two weeks I lost all my hair, this time my eyebrows and eyelashes. This was devastating.

“I also felt wasteful of being so angry about losing my hair, so I didn’t want anyone to know how devastated I was. After all, I had my hair and eyelashes. , “It’s just hair”, as people with eyelashes kept telling me!

“One day I was doing hot yoga and I couldn’t stop someone coming out of class staring at me and looking back. They almost stepped into the pillars. Needless to say, I didn’t do much. I didn’t feel Zen. “

And, as with the cosmetic and psychological sacrifices it made to her, the mother revealed how vulnerable she was because she was not protected from dirt.

Zelda explains how the lack of facial hair affected her, saying:

“Everything is too bright and sweat, dust and dirt get into my eyes. I get eye infections every other week, and that’s before the way they make you look and feel. You’re yours You lose the definition of the face and your features.

“For the last year and a half, I frowned and used eyebrow forwarding, but the reality for me is unstable, preventing my daughter from dropping in the wrong place, like the Pantomime. It was a place. It’s a school gate so you don’t have to hit anyone.

“I also hate cleaning my face and frowning at the end of the day.”

Zelda decided to take the plunge and look into semi-permanent makeup, but was worried about the horror story she read.

She states:

Zelda is seen before treatment

Zelda is seen after treatment

Zelda recalls trying “everything” to stay positive and get her hair back, including becoming vegan, cutting sugar, and exercising more. (Can be seen on the front left and back right)

She then came across the eyebrows of hyperrealism on the Instagram account of celebrity artist Tracie Giles, adding: I rarely frowned because brunette women had amazingly natural hair-like strokes and I had never seen anything so delicate and realistic.

“I was also really impressed with Tracie Giles’ medical tattoos for breast surgery clients and offering discounts to clients with medical hair loss that are more than just beauty treatments.

After an extensive consultation process and taking pictures of her, Zelda was treated and finally she said she felt like her again.

She describes the treatment as “artwork” and describes the therapist as follows: She regained me some of my old self, regained my self-confidence, and I’m glad to see myself again and recognize myself. My family and colleagues can’t believe how natural and realistic my eyebrows are, my mother even thought my eyebrows must have been restored.

Zelda’s next goal is to apply permanent eye makeup to hide the loss of eyelashes. But the kids say, “Mom, I’m glad to see you,” so to be honest, I feel happy for the first time in a few years and finally on the path to acceptance.

What is alopecia?

Alopecia, which causes baldness, is considered an autoimmune disease. The immune system (the body’s defense system) turns on itself.

What are the symptoms?

‘Usually, one or more small bald patches appear on the scalp, about 50p in size. Hair can begin to re-grow at one site while another bald patch occurs. Hair can also start to thin across the head, “said Marilyn Sherlock, chairman of the Trichologists Institute.

What is the cause?

“For some reason, the body’s immune system begins to attack its own hair follicles. Special white blood cells in the body, known as T lymphocytes, stop hair growth,” she adds.

Can anxiety make it worse?

Stress has been shown to prolong the problem.

Is it a hereditary condition?

Alopecia, like any other autoimmune disorder, has strong evidence to suggest that it develops in the family. About 25% of patients have a family history of this disorder.

Who gets it?

Alopecia areata usually affects teens and young adults, but it can affect people of all ages. It is as common among men as women.

Is there a cure?

There are various treatments that may be effective for some people, but there are no known treatments.

Tracy Giles’s “Hyperrealism” eyebrow tattoos give confidence to women with alopecia

SourceTracy Giles’s “Hyperrealism” eyebrow tattoos give confidence to women with alopecia

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