TOWIE’s James Lock and Pete Wicks spend Christmas day together in London

James Rock He sweetly revealed that he would spend Christmas day with his best friend TOWIE Co-starring Petewicks..

The 35-year-old reality star shared that he always spends the holiday season with his father Steve and 33-year-old BFF Pete.

Speak exclusively understood!, James revealed what his Christmas plans look like in 2021 and one of the things he wants from the celebration period.

He said, “I always spend Christmas with my dad and Pete. We usually go around dad’s house and do something with him.

“I think it’s just me and Pete this year. I’ll be staying at a hotel somewhere in London and having a Christmas dinner.

James Rock will spend Christmas day with his best friend and TOWIE co-star Pete Wicks.

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“We’re going to have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day in London!”

James added that he only wants to spend a “normal” Christmas this year after England was infected with Tier 4 last year due to a coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to spend a normal Christmas with my loved ones, friends and family. It’s a real normal Christmas. Last year it was amortized, but this year everyone is looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.”

James took a picture with his father Steve

Elsewhere in the chat, James advised fans to “talk to someone” if they are suffering from mental health.

Elsewhere in the chat, James encouraged fans suffering from mental health to “talk to someone” When he opened up about past depression and anxiety attacks.

The TOWIE star explained why supporting a man’s health with Movember is so important to him that the charity is “very close to his heart.”

Speak exclusively understood!, James acknowledged that when discussing mental health, men tend to be “pretty closed books” and it’s important to talk to someone outside the friendship group when they’re having a hard time.

James said: “I think everyone is experiencing mental health at some point in their lives. I think more people should seek treatment. Mostly frowned upon in this country, but everyone in the United States. I have a therapist.

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“It’s good to talk to someone, and your friends and family. It’s good to talk to someone outside your friendship zone.

“For me, Movember gives you a sense of belonging, especially when I’m suffering from depression or anxiety attacks. You experience more than you experience, not yourself. There are people.

“It lightens a kind of load and makes you feel like you’re not’abnormal’. Sometimes you feel alienated yourself and you have a big problem, but when you realize that more people are experiencing the same problem, it fits you It makes you feel like you are and gives you a sense of belonging. ”

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TOWIE's James Lock and Pete Wicks spend Christmas day together in London

Source link TOWIE's James Lock and Pete Wicks spend Christmas day together in London

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