TOWIE’s Frankie Sims “Enjoying a Secret Date with Jude Law’s Son Rafati”

Frankie Sims Reportedly Raffati, son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost..

A friend of the 26-year-old TOWIE star says Frankie is enthusiastic about 26-year-old Rafferty and “sees where it goes.”

Rafferty has relationships with many other celebrities, including Rita Ora, Hanacross, and Frankie, who recently dated Jack Fincham on Love Island.

Sources said Sun: “Rough and Frankie have had several dates over the past few weeks.

“It became a story of Essex, and everyone knows that Ruff and Frankie are out together. People are joking when she’s trying to show him off at Twee. . “

They added: “She revealed to her friends that she was quite enthusiastic about him, but it was early and they weren’t in a hurry.

Frankie admitted that she was dating someone new

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“She was a big hit because he is a decent gentleman and a nice guy.”

apart from Her recent relationship with Jack Frankie seems ready to date again last year after breaking up with TOWIE’s co-star boyfriend Harry Lee.

She admitted that she had another romantic interest at Sun’s online show “Twee: Official After Party” hosted by Bobby Norris.

The star said: “I actually had some dates with this guy I met.

“It’s really early days. He’s coming from outside Essex, and also from outside Kent. It’s an important place to avoid. I’m wielding Kent and Essex.”

Rafati is the son of Jude Law
Rafati is the son of Jude Law

She went on to say that the pair was just a few dates, but he “looks good” and told Bobby to “look at this space.”

Rafati takes over his famous dad because he works as an actor himself.

He starred in a twist that was released this year and revisited the story of Charles Dickens featuring Michael Caine.

Just last month, Love Island’s Joe Galat appeared on TOWIE. The romance didn’t last long while he was dating Frankie.

Love Island's Jack Fincham has caused rumors that he has reunited with Chloe Blockett.
Frankie previously dated Jack Fincham

At the time, Frankie said that Joe was a “nice guy” and asked him to stay in touch with her after the split.

But she admitted that they weren’t in touch, and that he was a “ghostly” Frankie.

The two met at the National Television Awards in September, and sparks flew around.

One of their dates was featured at TOWIE last month.

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TOWIE's Frankie Sims "Enjoying a Secret Date with Jude Law's Son Rafati"

Source link TOWIE's Frankie Sims "Enjoying a Secret Date with Jude Law's Son Rafati"

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