TOWIE’s Cloesims and daughter Madison match in black to go out to Pantomime

The only way is Essex‘NS Chloe Sims Drawn in London Madison, her teenage daughter.

The mother-daughter duo was watching a punt at the New Wimbledon Theater, and for that occasion wore matching black clothes.

Chloe, 40, was amazed at the high-waisted black trousers, black tops, and cropped blazer with an oversized duster jacket over her shoulders.

To perfect her look, she scraped a simple back ponytail and wore a small gold hoop.

In line with her mother’s black ensemble, Madison was painted wearing black leather, a skirt with a tie waist, tights and boots, a black top and a teddy bear coat.

Chloe and her daughter Madison went to see Punt together in London

Chloe shared the details of her chic outfit on Instagram before heading to London. In London, there was a compliment from the celebrity Cham.

She captioned the post: “We don’t accept negative vibes here .. move together”, followed by a black heart emoji.

Chloe then informed 1.2 million followers that he was wearing Zara from head to toe, except for the Balenciaga bag.

Georgia Kouslow Commented on the photo: “I love this”, Chloe’s sister Demi I replied with a series of flame emojis.

Chloe looked great in a black Zara ensemble

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As another person wrote, “Love your clothes!”, I repeated the same feelings that another person wrote: “Love loves this look.”

As the third fan said: “Absolutely beautiful”.

This isn’t the first time Chloe and Madison have worn matching outfits – earlier this month, the pair Found wearing a bright green tracksuit..

They also wore hair in the same way with a central farewell ponytail. Chloe and Madison were out to shoot for TOWIE’s new season.

Chloe was 23 when Madison was born

Mother and daughter always have a strong bond with each other, and Chloe describes Madison as her “whole world.”

TOWIE’s favorite has been a single mother since 2005, but she still has a good relationship with Madison’s father, who is raising a child with her.

I met Chloe when she was 18 and decided to quit after dating for 7 years.

Since then, Chloe has also had a close relationship with her ex-partner’s parents.

Chloe Sims and her daughter’s dad

The situation in Chloe’s relationship has long been of interest to TOWIE viewers, especially when she and her co-star Pete Wicks decided to further deepen their friendship.

The pair reportedly dated secretly for two years, but things have worsened following the 2020 TOWIE Christmas Special.

But back in September, Chloe and Pete were discovered leaving the NTA together, Sparkling wants them to decide to settle.

Later Pete Debuted a special tattoo with Chloe’s name In his hands to celebrate her 40th birthday.

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TOWIE's Cloesims and daughter Madison match in black to go out to Pantomime

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