TOWIE’s Amber Turner and Dan Edgar hug each other tightly during the shoot, so they look loved.

The only way is for Essex Amber Turner When Dan Edgar Seemed to be loved during the shoot TOWIE Christmas special.

duo, Made things official in 2018 After turning on and off each other for a while, when Dan turned his arm around his girlfriend, it was drawn warmly wrapped.

28-year-old Amber wore a shirring metallic jacket with a Louis Vuitton scarf and beige leggings paired with a brown Louis Vuitton crossbody bag. 31-year-old Dan wore gray jeans, a white jumper and a black blowfish jacket.

Things were definitely rocky for the pair Over the years, Amber claims that their six-month division strengthened them.

Amber and Dan enjoyed the day on ice skates

she said new!: “It was the best we’ve ever had for six months. Dan and I are really happy. We’re living together now.”

“Dan and I are going to buy a place together. We definitely want to have a baby and get married,” Amber added.

Amber greatly clarified her desire for Dan to pop questions. Gives some hints to her beauty.

In a recent episode of TOWIE, she said, “This finger feels very light. I want you to put pressure on me.”

Amber and Dan became official in 2018 after a six-month break

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Talking to fellow cast member Bobby Norris, Dan replied:

“She’s full telling me,’This is what I want, it’s this, and I have to do it right away.'”

Earlier this year, Amber surprised viewers with the following announcement at the show: She was going to be a mom.

But this was not a human baby, but a fur baby. She and Dan later welcomed a Goldendoodle named Oliver into a small family.

Oliver, of course, has his own Instagram page and boasts over 23,000 followers.

Amber said she and Dan’s family were “perfect” after getting Oliver

Since then, Amber and Dan have shared some adorable photos with Oliver. A recent snapshot showed a dog watching TV with his father.

In another photo, Amber was stunned by the black Balenciaga jumpers and leggings, lovingly hugging Oliver.

In addition to being a busy dog ​​mom Amber has partnered with envy shoes, And looked very attractive in the photo shoots promoting footwear.

Connecting her collection to social media, Amber writes with a snapshot of her shoot:

“I’m very proud of this collection. It’s my absolute favorite. With so many unrealistic winter boots and heels, you’ll love it. Check out my biography link now. Click to buy # amberturnerxenvy. “

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TOWIE's Amber Turner and Dan Edgar hug each other tightly during the shoot, so they look loved.

Source link TOWIE's Amber Turner and Dan Edgar hug each other tightly during the shoot, so they look loved.

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