Tourists admire the new look of Jarian Waraberg

Amritsar (Punjab) [India], September 15 (ANI): Amritsar tourists praised the new look of Amritsar’s Jarian Waraberg after refurbishment.

Tourists admire the renovation of the venue, including the entrance to this historic site, the gallery, and the light show that gives the big picture of the incident.

While talking to ANI, some tourists shared their thoughts on the renovation of the historic site.

“The site has changed a lot now. It wasn’t well developed before, but now it looks great. The entrance is good. The light and sound shows and galleries are really good. It’s perfect,” said tourist Arcana.

Another tourist named Arun praised the government’s steps to restore and refurbish the site.

“This preservation and restoration of this historic site is a commendable step for the government. Indian history has great significance but has long been ignored. I came here in 2019. But now it looks great and the atmosphere, galleries, laser and light shows are beautiful. “

Another tourist named Samalsa said that the site in its current form looked really good and everyone should visit it.

“I saw a light and sound show. I showed who the martyr was and how he was killed by the British. I can’t read this in our book. To my friends and school. It is advisable to plan a trip to the site. “

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the refurbished complex of Jarianwara Bagsmalak to the country through a video conference on August 28.

According to the PMO, four museum galleries were created by adaptively reusing redundant and underutilized buildings. The gallery introduces the historical value of the events that took place in Punjab during that period, combining audiovisual technologies such as projection mapping and 3D representation with art and sculpture installations.

A “Sound and Light” show was also set up to show the events that took place on April 13, 1919.

Multiple development initiatives are underway at the complex. Elaborate heritage restoration work is being carried out in sync with Punjab’s local architecture. The Shaheedi well has been restored and restored with a redefined superstructure. The center of the flame monument, Bug, has been repaired and repaired, the body of water has been rejuvenated as a lily pond, and the route has been widened to increase navigability.

The Jarianwarabug massacre was sent to a crowd of unarmed protesters and pilgrims in Jarianwarabug, Amritsar, Punjab, under the command of Colonel Reginald Dyer on April 13, 1919. Happened when he fired. Bysaki’s.

The crowd gathered peacefully at the venue, accusing General Dyer and his men of the arrests of two national leaders, Satyapal and Sayf al-Din Kitchryu, who were indiscriminately dismissed. (ANI)

Tourists admire the new look of Jarian Waraberg

SourceTourists admire the new look of Jarian Waraberg

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