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Torrential rain causes floods in eastern Australia

Sydney, November 26 (Xinhua)-Rescuers prepare for another busy weekend after extensive torrential rains and thunderstorms on the east coast of Australia.

Flood warnings were issued on Friday in parts of New South Wales (NSW), Queensland and Victoria.

On Thursday night, a storm struck the capital of New South Wales in Sydney, causing about 30 mm of rain within an hour. The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) expects more rain in the area over the weekend.

One of New South Wales’ most devastated areas is the Upper Hunter, about 300 kilometers north of Sydney, where floods flood homes in the rural town of Cassilis.

The town of Wewer in the northern part of the state is completely isolated from Thursday night after the Namoi River reaches a height of more than 7 meters.

Volunteer workers at the New South Wales State Emergency Services (SES) have already rescued people from the roofs of their cars after expanding their reach to mitigate flash flood risks and trying to overcome floods.

Floods are more than three times normal monthly rainfall in parts of New South Wales and are on record heavy rainfall that destroyed crops as rivers broke embankments and flooded pastures.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, endured the rainiest day of Thursday’s 40 years, with up to 140 mm of rain hitting the streets of the city.

“Rainfall across Queensland will increase river conditions, river heights and exacerbate their flood conditions,” BoM meteorologist Helen Reed told national broadcaster ABC.

BoM also expects heavy showers and storms in eastern Victoria to continue throughout the weekend.

Nationally, it is one of the top 10 rainiest months in November so far, and BoM’s announcement that the La Niña phenomenon has been established in the tropical Pacific is expected to remain wild for several months. increase.

Australia’s last major La Niña phenomenon occurred during the summer of 2010-2012 (December-February), resulting in some of the rainiest days ever recorded. ..

Torrential rain causes floods in eastern Australia

SourceTorrential rain causes floods in eastern Australia

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