Top Vaping Trends In 2021

Vaping has gained in popularity in recent years, and the industry has progressed as a result. Tech companies continue to make advancements that the vaping industry can utilise in their products. As a result, there is a huge variety in the types of vapes on the market as well as the accessories that go with them. This year has seen a considerable surge in a number of different vaping trends, some of which may be a flash in the pan and some that may be here to stay.

Read on for a look at the top vaping trends of 2021.

Pod Systems

Historically pods were simply cartridges that could be clipped onto a specific device. Mods systems, however, had more of a general tank that could be attached to a variety of mods. This year has seen a merging of the two systems. This system has gained popularity for its adaptability and versatility. They are more compact and less fiddly than the previous mod tank combos. These devices, in particular, have been tipped as a contributor to the future of vaping. People are currently still transitioning from theirvape mods although they do remain popular. Superior Vapour has a variety of systems to choose from, including pod systems; they have a huge range of other vape accessories too.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts first gained popularity in 2020, and that popularity has carried over into 2021 too. They were first developed in 2017 and were often used in pod devices, e-cigs, and starter kits. Nicotine salts use a combination of the natural salts found in tobacco and benzoic acid; this allows for high nicotine concentration and an excellent taste. As a result, vapers have begun to move away from freebase nicotine to nicotine salt e-liquids. This is due in part to the flavour range and the gratifying vaping experience they produce.


Fast charge technology has been harnessed by vape manufacturers to account for the demand from users. Vape users want better power, longer battery life and fast charging. Previously only bulky mods had a decent battery life, but this capability has been expanded to all new devices. They can hold a charge for days and remain useable, and they can also charge quickly. The type of charging has also changed; more and more new devices released use a USB-C charger, which means that the chargers are more easily replaced, and devices do not need dismantling to charge as USB-C charging ports are small and discreet. Manufacturers have also begun to develop more safeguards for vape batteries. They are inbuilding safety precautions to prevent overheating and high wattage protection, which can include things like fail-safes to switch the device off and prevent overheating when the device has finished charging.

Vape Pens

These have been consistently popular among adult vapers and ex-smokers who want products that are reminiscent of traditional combustible tobacco products. These products are easy to use, less messy and hassle-free. Vape pens also benefit from many different options of nicotine salts which produce a satisfying throat hit that – ex-smokers especially – crave. They continue to increase in popularity as manufacturers continue to make advancements while maintaining their sleek shape, which is extremely aesthetically pleasing for its consumers. Some of their popularity can also be attributed to celebrity influence; the sleek design of vape pens have made them an ideal choice for celebrities who are often spotted using them.


These have proven to be extremely popular this year – especially in the UK. They are extremely helpful for those choosing to make the transition from smoking to vaping as they are the most similar to traditional combustible smoking products. They are low commitment and easy to use. Although perhaps the real reason they have become so popular this year is because they are cheap and convenient. Consumers love convenience; that fact is true for almost every commercial industry in the world; it’s what drives innovation. For those who are just starting to vape, these are ideal; they require no commitment, they are cheap, they don’t require any special setup or maintenance. They are also accessible; they can be purchased from most corner shops and off-licences. This is what makes disposablesspecial; they are among the few vape products that you can purchase outside of specific retailers such as specialist vape shops or online stores.

In Conclusion

Whilst 2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for some, they have both seen a massive boom in online shopping which has a direct effect on the products we consume. In addition, the online aspect of the vaping industry saw a considerable turnover last year which has continued this year. Some of these trends may drop off in the next couple of years, but the likelihood is that they will evolve as manufacturers use them as a jumping-off point for further developments.

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