Top Travel Aggregators and Flight Booking Sites

Want to find the cheapest flight from your home city to any destination? Sit on a computer and check all the outbound flights one by one on all the websites of airliners. Well, it is a very lengthy and stressful task and there is no way we want you to do it. But how can you find the cheapest outbound flight to your desired destination if we won’t recommend you to surf through websites of all airliners? Our answer is to conduct a search on a travel aggregator or a flight booking site.

A travel aggregator or a flight booking site is an online platform that searches for all the deals across multiple websites and displays the results in one place. Now instead of going through all the trouble of searching each website for the best outgoing flight, you can simply type your flight plan and save yourself from all the trouble by getting all the results on a single screen. Travel aggregators can provide you with all the flight details, so you can compare flights for the least expensive, shortest duration, comfort, luxury, or any other thing you want. Some flight booking and redirecting sites also offer holiday destinations and their comparisons with respect to costs, landmarks, time and etcetera. If you want to visit UAE for instance, you can not only find cheap flights to Dubai from London  but also a great travel and holiday packages as well to this or any other destination.

Booking the best flight tickets for yourself­

It is hard to believe, but with progressing technology; new ideas have shaped the online world and made our lives a lot easier. By using an aggregator or a flight booking site such as an online travel agency, you are almost guaranteed to book cheap flights than you would have by searching yourself. A travel aggregator or agency makes your pocket life so much easy. It is best not only for travelers on a budget, but also for students, couples, and professionals. Many flight booking sites use a separate page category on their websites for travelers so they can get the best discount on their international or domestic flights, or offer a complete all-inclusive holiday package as well.

It is always a good idea to search for your desired flights on different deals and discount pages as well as on an aggregator’s or booking site. Though we are also obliged to tell you that the flight rates are not consistent, and they are changing after every passing minute. So, it is best to book the flight as soon as your search appears. If you refresh your search or return to the same page after a few hours or days, the prices will definitely change. They will either increase or decrease, depending on your luck.

Top websites to book your trip and flight tickets

So which travel aggregators or flight booking sites are best for you to look for your flight tickets? We have recommended a few in this article which we also check and use before booking our flights.

Dream World Travel

Dream World Travel is an equitable travel search website and an online travel agency that offers people a chance to visit their desired places at the least cost possible. They offer the simplest and most effective way to their users to plan their travel arrangements with complete comparisons and filter results. They also offer complete holiday packages of different destinations, as well as hotel bookings in your budget, and a dedicated blog for your information. is a Dutch online travel agency. As one of the best in the travel business, they offer flights to more than 85,000 destinations all over the world. On this website, you can simply plan your whole trip with ease. You can not only compare the prices but also put in some great filters and find everything in your budget. They also offer taxis to and from the airport to make your trip effortless.


One of the complete flight aggregators. Their mission is to help people experience the world by generating their preferred travel tools. They help their users to find the best flight, accommodation, rental cars, and other vacation packages. Search their portfolio before booking your next tickets and avail all the amazing deals and offers you can find.


If you are short on time and just want to search one aggregator, we recommend you to search Skyscanner. This website helps you find the cheapest flights anywhere from your local airport. You can look up to a whole month to find the cheapest and most convenient flight. Skyscanner is also a great platform to build your travel inspiration. You can certainly visit even those places which you haven’t planned to see when booking on Skyscanner.

Google Flights

The search engine giant is always here to serve and ease the lives of its users. Google flights are equipped with a levelheaded mapping feature to help you determine the least expensive destination to fly on your budget. This platform has a great reputation among travelers and will intermittently find the best flight and travel packages including accommodation and other services.

Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights is an easy flight search engine with some great features. They offer you inexpensive flight tickets to cool and amazing places. You can search by city, state, country, and continent, which many other aggregators don’t allow. Cheap Flights also offers their esteemed users to conduct their searches on a wide date range.

Priceline is an online flight aggregator with American roots. They provide discounted flight rates for all travel-related sales and bookings. Their flight comparison is unique in different ways, you can plan your whole trip from booking return tickets along with hotel accommodation and other travel essentials. So, stopping once on this website for its lucrative deals is a must for a traveler.


Travelocity is a flight aggregator and subsidiary of Expedia Group. They offer unique flight packages with complete comparison, travel details with free changes, and cancellations. They also offer a great deal of information on their website for anyone who seeks knowledge about a certain hotel, destination, or landmark.


Although there are many travel aggregators that we haven’t discussed here, we are sure you will have an idea about how they work to provide all travellers with comfortable solutions and saving methods. You can always search for travel aggregators on your search engine and book what suits you the best. The key is how you conduct research to find the best deal that suits you just perfectly.

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