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Top Tips for Renovating the Garage

Most houses have garages to house the homeowner’s vehicles. However, these garages are often the bane of the homeowner’s existence as they’re not organised and have too much stuff to park vehicles properly. Using the garage as intended is essential, but some people find it hard to make it look and feel right.

It can be a huge undertaking if you want to renovate your garage because you’ll have to do many things. Yes, you may have the bare bones of the structure, but a fully functional garage needs more. You can work with contractors or try your hand at doing it yourself. Whether you work with a professional or alone, you will need to work with a reputable local skip hire company that can help efficiently eliminate wastes produced during the renovation process like valleytrading.co.uk.

Here are some tips for renovating your garage.

Go high with vertical storage

One of the first things you must do is to ensure you’ll have enough storage for your stuff. If you want an organised facility, you must install sufficient shelves and cabinets to hold tools and components for your vehicles. You can also use the ceiling as a storage space by installing a system that can hold plastic tubs.

Add layers of insulation 

Another essential feature that you must consider is adding insulation. Your garage is a major source of heat loss, so you must install insulation to keep the space comfortable during the summer and winter months. You wouldn’t want to compromise your vehicle’s integrity by not putting insulation layers. You can save on cooling and heating bills if you install enough insulation.

Paint your floor

One of the best ways to improve your garage is to paint the floor properly. You must use a power washer to remove years of dirt and grime before applying epoxy paint to upgrade the floor. Typically, epoxy paint will resist stains and help improve the property’s resale value. You can also use moisture-resistant paint to prevent mildew and moulds from forming.

Provide enough ventilation and temperature control

Although the space is primarily for your vehicle’s storage, you wouldn’t want the space to be uncomfortable when working on essential repairs. One of the best ways to keep the area comfortable is to install a split system that can cool and heat the facility. In addition, the equipment’s dehumidifier can stave off moisture.

Install a loft 

Consider adding this feature if your garage can accommodate a loft or an elevated structure. You can maximise the space as a lounging and activity area. You can entertain friends and turn it into your man cave when they come over.

Hang pegboards

Pegboards are versatile enough to accommodate several tools you need handy. This can decrease clutter in the cabinets and keep you organised quickly.


Renovating the garage will be extensive if you want it to be properly functional. You must consider various features to ensure that the space will be usable and comfortable.

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