Top Tips: Chef / Restaurant Owner Marcus Samuelsson’s New York Guide

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I moved to New York in 1994. Aquavit.. I grew up mainly in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I attended a cooking school and trained as a chef in Switzerland and Austria. It didn’t take long for New York to feel like my home. I love learning about the diversity that the city offers, connecting with new people and different cultures. I am always inspired by customers and the community. Here we have selected some of our favorite places and activities in the city.

Museum: Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney’s “Working Together: Photographers at the Camoinge Workshop” exhibition includes Herb Robinson’s “Brother & Sister”, 1973. .. ..

.. .. .. and Shawn Walker’s’Easter Sunday, Harlem (125th Street)’, 1972 © Whitney Museum of American Art (2)

You can spend so much time walking and exploring the various exhibitions at Whitney In Manhattan Meatpacking District.. The museum exhibits 20th-century and contemporary American art, with a particular focus on the work of living artists.

I recently visited one of the museum’s current shows. Working Together: Photographer at the Camoinge Workshop (Run until March 28). A truly special exhibition that introduces a group of black photographers from New York in the 1960s and 70s. The photos are raw, powerful and compelling.

Artist: Sanford Biggers

“Paul Mooney’s Chorus”, by Sanford Biggers, 2017 — one of the quilt-based works at the artist’s show at the Bronx Museum of Art © Sanford Biggers and Marianne Boesky Gallery

Biggers’ interdisciplinary approach spans sculpture, installation, video, music and performance © Matthew Morrocco

One of my favorite New York artists at the moment Sanford BiggersIts interdisciplinary work spans video, sculpture, installation, music and performance. He is an amazing artist and I am always fascinated by what he comes up with.

For his current exhibition Code switch so Bronx Museum (Until April 5th) He uses mixed media to transform quilt-based artwork into interesting stories about American history and world traditions.He will also hold a large exhibition in public view Rockefeller Center From May to June.

Neighborhood: Harlem

Samuelson loves Harlem for its energy, diversity and creativity

“Swing Glow”, a 13-foot bronze monument in the district of Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist © Max Burkhalter (2)

It is recommended to take a walk HaremSupporting some of the local black businesses in my neighborhood in Manhattan, which runs from Central Park North to W 155th Street. A vibrant, diverse and creative district with great places to enjoy live music, eat, drink and shop.

Over the past year, I’ve witnessed how entrepreneurs here pivoted to adapt to a pandemic — people literally brought businesses into the city of Harlem and started selling goods on the sidewalk. I’ve seen barbers cut people’s hair outside.It’s exciting to see and is part of the reason I recently helped launch Black Business Matter Matching Fund This will help increase support for qualified SMEs that will not be forgotten during this time.

Shops: Harlem Haberdashery and Flame Keepers Hat Club

Harlem Haberdashery is a retailer of custom clothing brand 5001 flavors © Driely Vieira

Marc Williamson, Designer / Owner of FlameKeepers Hat Club

Hats are one of my favorite purchases, so two of the top spots to hit are Harlem Harbor Dashery And Flame Keepers Hat Club..Louis, co-owner of Harlem Harbor Dashery, has great energy and the shop is 5001 flavorA custom-made apparel company popular with celebrities, athletes and musicians. They carry some incredible pieces. At the luxury hat store Flame Keepers, designer and owner Mark Williamson takes pride and attention to the technology.

Cafe: Patisserie des Ambassades

Patisserie de Ambassade in Senegal / France. .. ..

.. .. .. Samuelson’s favorite croissant spot © Max Burkhalter (2)

this West African / French cafe It is popular among the locals in Harlem. The staff here are always very nice. The dishes served are primarily Senegalese and the restaurant’s bakery serves classic French pastries. This is my go-to when buying freshly baked croissants in Harlem. We usually stop here before going to an office or restaurant. Nothing beats starting the day with a perfect flaky croissant.

Green space: Central Park

Winter Wonderland: Snow-covered Central Park ©

Samuelson enjoyed making a snowman with his son in the park this year © Alamy (2)

I love spending time with my son Zion Central park, One of our favorite places in the city.This year there was a real Scandinavian winter Lots of snowfallAnd there is nothing better than making a snowman together and taking a walk in the park. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him. Central Park is especially beautiful during the winter, but it’s great to visit at any time of the year.

Marcus Samuelsson is a chef and co-owner. Red Rooster Harlem And Marcus Samuelsson Group, An award-winning writer and TV presenter.He runs more than 12 restaurants in the US and Europe

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Top Tips: Chef / Restaurant Owner Marcus Samuelsson’s New York Guide

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