Top Free Tools to Convert SVG to AI

We’ve collected a list of the best online svg to ai converters to assist clients. An svg document, sometimes known as an svg file, is a proprietary file format designed by Annotations, levels, layers, and other files that contain graphical data. The application that primarily supports and develops the format is Adobe Photoshop. On the other hand, the ai file format is a commonly used text and image file format. Use one of the svg to ai converters mentioned below to convert svg to ai. These free web converters allow users to convert svg to ai in bulk. On some softwares, users may also choose output file parameters like size, resolution, and other formats that include svg data and graphics.

If you don’t want to use any software or apps to convert svg to ai. These websites allow users to convert svg to ai format. SVG files may be converted to ai, ai, jpg, HTML, svg, and other formats using most websites and converters.

Free Tools to Change SVG to AI

In this article you will read about top free tools to convert online svg to ai. You can utilize these websites for free. The converters permit you to import the svg file in these converters and then you can select the output or final file format, i.e. ai format and in the end you can convert the file into the final file online. You can export the final file after the conversion.

These online converters support different format types. You can convert svg files into ps, fig, sk, plt, wmf, emf, eps, sk1, and others. You can convert other audios, vectors, presentations, images, etc. You can convert svg files in bulk utilizing these online converters. If you need some more features like customizing the final result then you can utilize an open source software for bulk transformation of svg to ai.


Clouldconvert is the best free online svg to ai converter for converting svg to ai files. This programme can convert a variety of files to ICO, ai, JPG, ai, and other formats. It also has facilities for specifying the Fit and Resolution parameters for the ai that is created (to crop ai or to scale down or up ai). This free svg to ai converter is the best svg to ai converter for mass photoshop to ai conversion.

Using Cloudconvert to Convert SVG to AI

Additional Features

This cloudconvert is the best since it offers added features including the ability to convert music, ebooks, movies, and more over the internet.


Convertio is another online svg to ai converter that allows you to convert multiple svg files to ai, WEBP, HDR, GIF, and more formats. This software allows users to load svg files from both local and online storage ( Dropbox and Google Drive). Users may batch convert svg to ai files with this online free converter. Follow the steps below to convert svg to ai files.

How to use Convertio to convert svg to ai

If the file is stored in your Google Drive or Dropbox then you can directly import it from there. Ensure the file size of 100 MB while uploading the file. You can begin file conversion once it is imported and select the output format. You can export the transformed file on your computer.

Additional Features 

The programme also includes an AI to svg converter, among other things.

Free Vector Converter

Free Vector Converter is another good choice to convert svg to ai. This online free converter can be useful to convert images, audios, documents, ebooks, archives, vector images, etc. You can optimize a few file formats as well utilizing this online free converter.

In order to convert svg to ai, you can utilize and go to the vector image converter. You will see the interface then. You can also browse the svg image from your desktop. You need to select the desired format after that, i.e. ai. The online free svg to ai converter permits you to convert the svg file into other formats too. The site shows the result of the converted file thereafter. In order to start downloading you can press the converted file.

Convert Files

Convert Files is another svg to ai converter. You can convert archives, presentations,documents, fonts, spreadsheets, audios, videos, etc. to many different formats. You can go to the part titled image to convert images. Then you will find choices to transform files. You can upload the input file on the left, whereas you are required to choose the output format.

You can only search or browse your svg file from your computer here. Although you can also select more than one file. Then, you can select the format to which you want to convert the svg to ai file. It shows the converted file once the file is transformed so that it can be downloaded on your computer.


Zamzar is another online svg to ai converter that lets you convert multiple svg files to ai, WEBP, HDR, GIF, and a variety of other formats. Users may load svg files from both local and internet storage using this app ( Dropbox and Google Drive). This online free converter allows users to batch convert svg to ai files. To convert svg to ai files, follow the instructions below.

How to convert svg to ai using Zamzar

You may import a file directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. If you’re uploading a file, be sure it’s at least 100 megabytes. Once the file has been imported, you can begin the conversion process by choosing an output format. On your PC, you may export the altered file.

Additional Features

Among the other features of the application is an AI to SVG converter.

Image Optimization and SVG to AI Converter

What is Image Optimization, and how does it work?

Image optimization is the process of shrinking the size of photos without sacrificing the image quality. It also improves picture SEO and helps you rank higher on Google and other browsers. The main goal is to make it easier for the user to get high-quality data more quickly. To achieve better optimization results, utilize the SVG to ai converter. The results of image optimization done automatically by an SVG to ai file converter to compress the image size are not as excellent as image optimization done manually by an SVG to ai converter to compress the image size.

Gaussian Blur JPEG Optimization 

The characteristics of a picture are softened via Gaussian blur. This approach is used to improve the quality of an image and give it a better visual effect. When a little bit of Gaussian blur is applied to a picture, however, the image’s size is optimized but the optical constancy is not affected.


This simple and easy to compress picture size is similar to an SVG to ai converter in that it maintains the image’s quality while reducing the image’s size to boost the website’s conversion rate. To posterize an image, go to Image options, then Adjustments, and Posterize. Check the adjustments made to the picture file in real-time after finishing this operation, and set the levels to the shortest possible assay you can have.


Using an SVG to ai converter, pixel-fitting is a technique that ensures high-quality picture optimization. These vector graphics may create non-pictorial visuals such as company logos and icons without sacrificing quality.

Image Alt Text/Alt Tag

Now you must focus on the picture alt text, commonly known as the “alt property” or “alt-text.” The connected HTML code to the picture on the website is used to report on the image’s development and purpose. In terms of SEO, alt-text is essential since it tells you what the picture should be if it doesn’t load.


Conversion rate is also affected by image size. The size of the picture file is the amount of space that has to be on your server. The image will take longer to load if the file size is larger. To generate a higher-quality image with a smaller file size, increase the image’s dimensions.

Select the Correct Image Format

If you don’t choose the right image format, resizing or compression will be useless. For picture portraits with multiple colors, you must use’s SVG to ai converter. ai is a file format that saves space and prevents it from growing larger; it can effectively replace a jpg file. Whenever you need to add animated pictures to your website, you must utilise GIFS.

Need of SVG to AI Converter and Why Convert SVG to AI

Mathematical equations are utilized to form or compose SVG vector image files, defining the coloring and positioning of lines, and curves that completely make up shapes, text in xml format and graphics. Most particularly, this format of vector image graphic is utilized for fonts, designs, graphics, logos and icons. The ai file format on the other hand is created by Adobe systems  for having graphics that are based on graphics on a single page that is best and ideal when you are operating on projects with bulk graphics. The ai format is created from paths which are connected by paths rather than utilizing svgs. Thus transferring an svg file to ai format is better if you also work on big projects of graphical representations and prioritize to supply the best quality image format.

How to Convert SVG to AI Online for Free?

It is just an operation of a couple of seconds with such a great tool and the most convenient support to utilize an online svg to ai converter. For certain conversions from svg to ai stamps are pretty simple including;

Step 1

It completely depends on you whether you need to convert multiple or single svg files to ai documents, you can make upload into a toolbox or dragan drop choice to do the task.

Step 2

You are required to press the Convert button after uploading the file and just think of where you want to keep the after conversion, and where you want to save it as an ai file.

Step 3

The time arrives to download the converted file, you can press to download individual or entire files at once now and the download button for the process of downloading is ready now.

To Sum Up

Many other online file converters are available. But each of them do not support all the formats you need. The converters which are mentioned above are available for free to convert svg to ai and are the best converters. Furthermore, you can convert svg to ai files in bulk. Thes online svg to ai file converters give many additional features to convert files.


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