Top Car Tech Impresses Drivers With Comfort And Safety

black BMW sedan

The self-driving tech company that is backed by both the VW group and Ford, Argo AI, is proclaiming that it has successfully overcome one of the biggest headaches associated with the large-scale deployment of autonomous cars. The company recently announced that it has developed its own lidar sensor that is able to accurately see and identify objects at very long distances. The Geiger-mode lidar, as it is known, is capable of detecting a single photon – the smallest particle of light. Prototypes are already being tested in a number of cities across the USA. While self-driving car tech continues to be a hot topic among automobile enthusiasts, there are a variety of other technologies that are also making a good impression this year.

Advanced driver-assist systems keep impressing

Over the past decade, automobile manufacturers have been hard at work developing tech that can improve the overall safety and comfort of a vehicle. Some of the most popular driver-assist systems include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, blind-spot alerts, and cross-traffic alerts. Although most of these systems can be purchased as stand-alone added extras, many sedans and later model sport utility vehicles from manufacturers like BMW and Land Rover come readily equipped with all the latest in assistive technology. The 2021 BMW X7, for example, features a range of advanced driver-assist features such as forward collision warning and lane-departure warning.

Vehicles are more connected than ever before

Vehicles are becoming increasingly connected every year. Thanks to a high-tech tamper-proof digital identity that vehicles are now equipped with, it becomes significantly easier to track relevant data for driver safety, fleet management, and insurance purposes. In the UK, start-up V2X Network has developed a vehicle-to-everything platform that combines geo-caching and networking to enable real-time communication with very low latency. Over in Israel, No Traffic created a traffic signal platform powered by AI that effectively connects the driver to the roadways of the city to address traffic-related issues swiftly.

Teen driver tech saves lives

With teen drivers having the highest rate of crash involvement of all age groups in the USA, it is not surprising that General Motors have devised a plan to keep the nation’s youngest drivers safe on the roads. The Teen Driver Suite is available for a range of GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick vehicles. These high-tech systems can inform parents or guardians when a car is driven over a specified speed, filter out content that is not age-appropriate from satellite radio, control the volume on the sound system, and disable vehicle audio if the seatbelts are not in place as required. The technology not only aims to provide parents with peace of mind, but to improve the overall level of safety on the road as well.

New and innovative technologies continue to revolutionise our driving experiences. Apart from making our journeys increasingly comfortable and enjoyable, they also improve our overall safety on the roads we travel.

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