Top British Voice Actors of 2021 and How Are They so Successful?

Voice acting is something that, unless you are in the know or already within the industry, is somewhat hidden.

We obviously know that there are voices attached to most audio, visual and entertainment brands out there today. Still, something we don’t realise is that these voices that are synonymous with your favourite programmes, adverts or even the voice on a telephone hold line have faces and names.

Some of them are incredibly famous without you even knowing who they are!

Some of the most recognised voices you hear on a daily basis in the UK and all over the world belong to people who sometimes have no desire to have their faces seen as much as their voices are heard.

The top British Voice Actors can be found in all sorts of genres and mediums, such as TV commercials, movies, character voicing and product promotions, and this list of the top names that are attached to the voices is just a snapshot of some of the UK’s voice talent.

So, who are these people? And what is it they specialise in?

Let’s take a look at the top British voice actors of 2021 and see how many you know!

Peter Dickinson

Peter Dickinson is a British Male Voice Over artist who is best known for being the booming, and unique voice of the X-Factor and Britains Got Talent.

He is a veteran in the voice acting industry and has so many accolades to his voiceover now, including adverts, TV and radio media, as well as the obvious prime time voiceovers he is most known for.

Joe Wakeford

Joe Wakeford hails from Surrey, and with 23 years in the voice acting business, he is up there leading the race as one of the UK’s most popular Voices.

He is the voice of Microsoft and Mastercard and has a massive repertoire of previous works with names in the realm of booking.com, M&S and Starbucks.

Emma Clarke

It is highly likely that you have heard Emma Clarkes voice on so many things, such as talking toys, movies or even on the London Underground!

She has achieved multiple awards for her services to voice acting and is currently the voice of the BBC Sounds.

David Attenborough

David Attenborough’s voice is associated with nature broadcasting and earth documentaries all around the world.

His voice is said to be one of the most soothing voices you will ever hear. He has worked alongside many of the biggest TV and Broadcasting houses in the world, but primarily with the BBC in conjunction with his documentaries that he both wrote and narrated.

He is still topping the ranks of best British voice over artists and is potentially one of the most famous people for his unmistakable soothing but factual tones.

What Do All Of These Voice Actors Have That Makes Them Successful?

They have a niche area.

First of all, and most importantly, they have a niche.

They have undoubtedly gone through lots of different processes and experimentation to find what kind of project suits them best. It’s almost as if they have typecast themselves into certain niches where they know they have the skills and expertise to execute the niche area with precision.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t gone through hundreds if not thousands of additions before they get to where they are now!

They have also got their self-marketing spot on to get their voices to the ears of people who hired them, and this can be done independently or through an agent. Their voices have, somewhere along their career path, been heard at the right time, by the right person and for the right project.

They have contacts and connections

When you have been in the voice acting and voice-over business for a long time, you will make connections and contacts along the way. These are not something that can be given out with a job description; they are instead the organic byproduct of lots of auditions and the meeting of lots of casting directors.

The contacts and connections of successful voice over artists are most likely the result of a lot of rejections! And that is entirely normal and is also the reason that you should never turn down an audition; even if you feel it’s not suited to you or it turns out to be a “No”, you have still made a connection that may serve you well in the future.

Reputation & Recommendations

When you are in any business for a long time, you start to build a reputation. This reputation can put you on the tips of people’s tongues when there is a job that needs your specific skills.

Recommendations that are made based on your reputation can get you to a point in your career that self-promotion and marketing can’t reach, and do be contacted by a director based on your voice alone or from a recommendation can be the making of your career, getting you into jobs that the rest of the world knows nothing about.

So, what do you need to do to start your journey to being a top British voice actor?

It would help if you took advice and inspiration from the people who are already there.

You need to study what they do well and do it in your own way, carving yourself out a niche in the voice acting industry that sets you apart from the rest.

Keep auditioning! Making those impressions on people who can hire you for jobs and making positive connections with industry peers and colleagues, if they know your voice, they are likely to recommend you for suitable roles when they arise.

Keep learning and sharpening your craft, and you may be on the top voice-over artist list someday In the future!

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