Top 7 Psychic Reading Mobile Apps to Get Your Reading on A Go

For many people, consulting with the psychic reader is fun and once-a-while type of indulgence. But, for some, it is an important part of their daily or weekly routine. Irrespective of your preference and need, it is good to know what free options are available for you.

There’re generally two kinds of psychic applications available that you must consider. One that is totally free but quite terrible to use and the second one that claims free but requests your credit card details for better features.

Here is a deal: Suppose you are looking to consult with the live reader, there is not any good optiontotallyfree.

Let us get on it and find the best psychic reading app!

  1. Psychics 24/7 

This is one highly trusted psychic mobile application that you can download from your App Store or Google Play totally free. For more information about services that are offered by this platform, you may go on their official site and know more about what you can expect without downloading this app. Suppose you feel like it is the right psychic application, you may go ahead and install this on your mobile for free.

  1. Pocket Fortune Teller 5D App

To be very honest— this is one best applications for your mobile and the best part is this application is totally free to install on your phone. But I may confidently say Pocket Fortune is among them. This is one amazing and fun app that you must use, however it’s quite accurate and genuine. When you download this app first, you may connect on this platform through your Google and Facebook accounts. It is how this app will want to sign in if you are a new user on this platform.

  1. Tarot Fox

Another amazing psychic reading app is Tarot Fox, this is the best app for iOS and Android users. Just by downloading this app, you may access some free services as well as paid readings by gifted psychics. Suppose you’re more in personalized readings by the real readers, you will have to sign up as well as choose the specific psychic from this list. Being the new user, you have to ask the first question free, and you must expect to get an accurate reading in 24 hours.

  1. Tarot Eagle

This is the best choice if you’re looking for a free psychic reading app online. You may easily download the Tarot Eagle app on your mobile for free and get access to plenty of amazing features for free without creating an account. To get the free reading at Tarot Eagle, you must download this app from Apple Store or Google Play. Then, choose your desired psychic reading service and you’re set to go.

  1. Psychic Source 

Yet another highly popular online psychic reading website is Psychic Source, especially known for offering the best love readings. You can get started on this platform by checking out their website and downloading the app at Google Play and App Store. Every phone psychic reading will come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and money back.

  1. Psychic Reading Prediction

This app is available on your Google Play and Apple Store, Psychic Reading Prediction mobile app developed by Complus Advisors offers psychic reading with real live readers at anytime and anywhere you want. Their professional readers have several years of experience as well as will provide accurate readings for relationships and love, finance and career, dream analysis, and much more. Their in-demand psychic readings are personal birth charts, daily horoscope, tarot, love readings, as well as astrology.

  1. Can You Trust Psychic Apps?

One thing to do to determine if the psychic application can easily be trusted is to check out the online reviews of the app. The best part is both the Google Play and App Store vet potential applications before they will keep them live. But, this does not mean you must not do your due diligence and check the app.


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