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Top 6 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms that are used to search for jobs and boost your business growth. It’s a platform that can help you generate high-quality leads, and LinkedIn’s automation tools can be your best allies in doing so.

So if you are planning to generate B2B leads and are ready to invest your time in LinkedIn marketing, scroll down because these LinkedIn automation tools can help you:

  1. Halve your time investment
  2. Generate leads on autopilot
  3. Grow your LinkedIn network
  4. Improve your recruiting
  5. Leverage your branding

However, most professionals are short on time, making it impossible to interact with their relationships. In such a case, LinkedIn’s automation tools are the best options to use.

What is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation is all about using software to automate activities that you don’t want manually. It includes sending connection requests, view profiles, creating and/or distributing content, text messages, engaging with certain accounts, and many other activities that help you stay connected and drive engagement on LinkedIn.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

The automatic lead tools can help you use a personalized approach to all your interactions on the platform. For example, you can use emails and other methods such as text messages to communicate with your connections.

The best thing about these tools is that they let you automate your tasks and do a lot of smart basic work.

Here we have listed the best LinkedIn automation tools which you can use to grow your business.


LinkedIn Automation Tools Features Price

Octopus CRM


●       All-in-one Chrome extension

●       Super easy to use

●       Powerful and user-friendly

●       Integrated safety function

Starter: $6.99/month

Pro: $9.99/month

Advanced: $14.99/month

Unlimited: $24.99/month

Dripify ●       Automated Outreach

●       Team management

●       Advanced security algorithm

●       Lead generation and nurturing

Advanced: $99 /month

Basic: $59 /month

Pro: $79 /month

Phantombuster ●       3rd Party Integrations

●       Scrape LinkedIn data from accounts

●       Easily Export data to your CRM in ready-to-use Excel

Forever Free: $0/month

Growth Hacker: $30/month

Business: $70/month

Enterprise: $200/month Premium Account: $900/ month

Reply.io ●       Create drip campaigns easily

●       Excellent customer support

From $70/month to $120/month (depending on the different plans for individuals and businesses)
TexAu ●       Advanced integration capabilities

●       Finds and extracts data from LinkedIn groups and profiles


Starter: $59/month

Growth: $199/month

Agency: $499/month

GrowthLead ●       Advanced filters

●       Create multiple outreach campaigns

●       Manage multiple LinkedIn account simultaneously

Basic: $67.35/month

Pro: $101.61/month

Advanced: $147.30/month

Done-For-You (Dedicated campaign manager): $489.85/month.

1. Octopus CRM

The Octopus CRM is specially designed for LinkedIn, which helps you reach and connect with your target audience. You can send personalized text messages to others in your second and third-degree networks. The software also allows you to send mass messages to your first-degree contacts. Octopus CRM can be your best ally when aiming to build high-quality lead generation funnels on LinkedIn.

2. Dripify

Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation software that helps you build sales funnels in minutes. It is a cloud-based tool with advanced algorithms that helps you import leads from CSV files and create a rock-solid prospecting sequence. You can also set time intervals and triggers in its control panel. In addition, users can integrate Dripify with CRM solutions to launch marketing campaigns.

3. Phantombuster

The Phantombuster LinkedIn Automation platform makes it easy to generate LinkedIn leads. You can retrieve emails and other information from any LinkedIn account or group using the Phantombuster browser extension. In addition, Phantombuster can help you create lead generation forms and a complete lead generation workflow.

4. Reply.io

Reply.io is specially designed for the sales team and comes with advanced features that allow you to search LinkedIn profiles to find and save those that match your ideal customer profile.

5. TexAu

TexAu refers to testing and automation, and its work is only related to that. TexAu helps you improve your business sales by elevating your business to the top by navigating its sales. It has great functionality in that it can extract connection leads from saved sales browser campaigns very easily. Besides, help you grow your network with ease.

It can also find email addresses from these profiles. Also, if you are part of a group, this automation tool extracts profiles of all members of that group.

6. GrowthLead

GrowthLead is a B2B social selling tool that can help you increase your reach and grow your profile. Just implement a four-step process for social automation, which includes identifying and sourcing new leads.

However, if you want to research your target audience, there are advanced filters, and you can even schedule messaging sequences.

Can you Send Automated Messages on LinkedIn?

Yes, sending automated messages on LinkedIn is allowed but only if you do it the correct way. Keep in mind, your aim is to generate leads and have valuable communication with your connections. So it means you have to send a personalized, individualized awareness message every time you log in.

However, if you do it manually, it could take years. So better get the most out of automation. If you use the right LinkedIn automation tool, you can send personalized and professional messages to your connections, and it can all be on autopilot.

But make sure to send automated messages at regular intervals. If you are sending in bulk, it will be noticeable that you are using a third-party tool, and you might end up seeing your profile suspended.


LinkedIn can do miracles for your business to make it a great success in the market if you properly use its power after gaining the knowledge. You can easily develop your leads using some of the best LikedIn automation tools that automate most of your tasks with great precision.

However, above we have listed some of the best LinkedIn automation tools which you can consider for generating leads to your LinkedIn account.

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