Top 5 YouTube channels about gambling

YouTube has evolved from being a simple video hosting service to being a source of information in a variety of ways. Gambling fans are not bypassing it. Before 2017, YouTube had many channels popular among gamers. But after a change in the hosting policy, some of them were removed. Despite the attempt to minimise the popularisation of gambling, themed videos continue to be freely available. These channels don’t have many subscribers. But their videos are gaining millions of views.

Top channels dedicated to the gambling industry

The majority of famous bloggers with million audience prefer to make reviews of browser games. They don’t want to risk their status on risky content. But there are YouTube channels that periodically feature reviews of slots, popular card games and also casinos for example https://www.nongamstopsites.co.uk/. Most of the licensed virtual gambling halls have launched their channels on this hosting service.


This is the most popular and highly visited channel in the English-speaking space. There are more than five thousand videos. Themes of video clips is very diverse:

  • Instructions on how to play poker.
  • Review strategies, tactics.
  • Broadcasting of matches.
  • Game retrospectives.

There are humorous videos, content with shocking content. The channel has steadily high traffic. Regular visitors of the channel note that YouTube has cleaned up the content of the channel. Many interesting videos were simply removed from the hosting.

Poker Star is its only famous YouTube channel among poker players. It’s also the name of the site where the tournaments are held.


The channel has over 400 video’s of poker and close to poker subjects. Here we have mostly russian speaking content. Most of the videos are entertaining. Besides match reviews and strategy parsing, videos with new gambling industry releases appear here sometimes.

The main feature of the channel is its relaxed content format. There are also frequent online broadcasts that give viewers a chance to talk to each other in real time.

CEG – Online Casino Gaming Academy

Here are diverse videos that show all the subtleties of playing the most popular types of gambling entertainment. The author of videos – a charismatic young man who comments very interestingly on the actions of croupiers, the results of layouts. Most popular video clips are about card games:

  • Poker.
  • Baccarat.
  • Black Jack.

Not inferior to them in popularity video reviews of roulette strategies. Video is created in a format of live game. The camera is mainly focused on the table and the dealer’s hand movements. Blogger, in his turn, comments on the game, revealing the most interesting moments.

Let’s Give It A Spin

This channel has a relatively small audience of subscribers, but very promising in the English segment of YouTube. Here clips are unpretentious – blogger visits online casino sites, where he plays and comments on the process. On the channel one can find a variety of information that may be of interest to gamers:

  • Reviews of new products in the gaming industry.
  • Super Streams.
  • Features and game rules of the most popular slots.
  • Description of strategies and clear demonstration of them.
  • There is entertainment content among the software.

The author has built his channel on the principle of live communication. He is not silent. Each action is accompanied by comments.

The Big Jackpot

The blogger from this English-language channel focuses on land-based casinos. He introduces subscribers and guests to the iconic side of the gaming industry – windowless halls with card and roulette tables and rows of the now classic slots.

Most of the videos are released in a broadcast format. Viewers have the opportunity to plunge into the real atmosphere of excitement, to assess the situation in the classic gambling establishments.

The blogger shoots videos reviewing strategies and live-streaming. There is entertainment content. Videos with reviews online slots on this channel also has. But they are few.

On YouTube you can find a lot of content on gambling channels that are not related to online casinos. For example, a Russian blogger has launched a successful project dedicated to cards. This channel has videos revealing the secrets of popular tricks. Not overlooked blogger popular among visitors to the casino card games. He reveals the intricacies of the game of baccarat, Black Jack, poker. Describes the strategies and mistakes that gamers often make in the game, succumbing to the excitement.

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