Top 5 Giant Inflatables

If you’re wanting to bring the wow factor to your event, giant inflatables are the way to go. There are lots of different options to choose from, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 to help you decide which inflatable will excite your crowd.

  1. Giant Animals

Inflatable giant animals are great for kids. Not only is there an animal for everything themed party you can think of, but you’ll bring their favourite animal to life right before their eyes. You can even create a giant inflatable zoo by having multiple different animals for the children to see and discover. Though they can be adorable, they’re not just for children. If your business mascot is an elephant, you can arrange for a bespoke inflatable to include your logo, creating the perfect mascot.

  1. Inflatable Blimps

If you’re looking for a unique way to get your brand off the ground, look no further than an inflatable airship. Due to their sheer size alone, they’re a wonderful marketing tool to use.They allow you to easily display your business for all to see and really take your brand to a whole new level. They don’t just have to be used for marketing; you can use them at an event you’re holding to display the name. This makes it easy for the event-goers to spot and you can easily signpost people who may ask for directions. When creating invitations for your event, how great would it be to tell your guests to look for the giant airship in the sky!

  1. InflatableArches

Inflatable arches are one of the most popular giant inflatables that you’ve probably already seen at numerous sports events. They can act as a ray of hope to runners when placed at the finish line, giving them one last burst of energy now the end is in sight. They’re also used at motor-sport events as they’re a sturdy way of creating a starting line for the racers. Inflatable arches are great for grand openings of a new business too.They’re a perfect doorway when you want to welcome new customers into your premises on the opening day.

  1. Air Dancers

You may know air dancers as sky guys or recognise them outside of car dealerships from your childhood, but this nostalgic inflatableis still a great way to grab people’s attention. As their name suggests, they move and bend all while displaying your logo, making them a fun, yet useful marketing tool. If you want something eye-catching, there’s nothing that customers will notice more than an air dancer.

  1. Inflatable Product Replicas

If you’re looking for something really visually striking, you can get your own product made into a giant inflatable! If you’re an independent brewery, you might want to request a replica of your top-selling craft beer. These are ideal for when you hit up trade shows or attend events. People will see your inflatable and instantly know what your business is all about.

Whether it’s the big launch day for your new business or a celebratory 1st birthday party,giant inflatables are an easy way to bring an element of fun to any event.


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